Minecraft 1.20.2 Update: Check All Details


Despite not being released yet, Minecraft 1.20.2 seems to be imminent based on recent Java snapshots and Bedrock previews. 

According to Mojang’s usual development timetable, version 1.20.2 should be soon as the next update has already seen two pre-releases. 

Minecraft 1.20.2’s most significant additions and modifications are known, even if additional adjustments and corrections will be made before the update’s final release.

Villager rebalancing

In development by Mojang are Experimental Features that are thought to be a rebalancing of the villagers in their trade inventory.

The available trades are currently based on a villager’s profession level and the biome they are located in. This is in the pre-releases of Minecraft 1.20.2

This implies that in order to trade for commodities like enchanted books and diamond armour, players will need to locate villagers in certain biomes.

This rebalance in Minecraft also affects villagesin the swamp and jungle biomes. This implies that because these villages don’t spontaneously arise in Minecraft, fans will have to make them intentionally and move the villagers there in order to get certain things via trade.

Narrator Hotkey

The game’s narrator feature has been there for some time. However, the Minecraft 1.20.2 update introduces a new method to access it using a simple keyboard shortcut.

Players may utilize the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + B to launch the narration feature whenever they want, provided that the narrator isn’t completely deactivated in the accessibility settings. 

Updated skin and name banning

Due to recent End-User Licence Agreement (EULA) amendments made by Mojang, which made it plain to multiplayer servers and players that content not appropriate for all ages will face penalties, there has been considerable debate. 

With updated skins, name reporting, and banning in Minecraft 1.20.2, it seems that this is being extended.

People have the option to report player skins or in-game names they find them offensive. Mojang will then be able to evaluate it. 

Players will have to choose a new game skin to use if the skin or username in issue is determined to be against the community guidelines set out by the creators.

Block and item changes

According to the available information, there won’t be any new blocks or items added to Minecraft 1.20.2, but there will be numerous changes to the ones that are already there. 

Mob changes

Pollen from spore blooms and chorus flowers are now accessible to bees. 

When attacked while linked to a lead, camels, goats, frogs, and sniffers will now flee in fright.

However, killing out the zombie villagers represents the biggest difference. The trade discounts provided by villagers are no longer multiplied by repeatedly infecting and curing them of zombification. The prices players get are fixed after they have been healed once.

Diamond ores

The distribution of diamond ore has shifted, and it is now more common in the deep slate rock strata underneath. In particular, the distribution of diamond ore between the height levels Y= -64 and Y= -4 is now consistent.

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