Minecraft 1.20 Guide To Make Iron Farm


In order to begin a new Minecraft world, players must swiftly gather necessary resources like iron and wood. 

Due to its availability, iron is a material that players may use to make affordable but sturdy armour and weaponry.

In Minecraft, iron is one of the cheapest elements that players can use to make armour items.

To avoid mining a lot of iron ores and smelling them to get iron ingots, players may build an automated iron farm.

The most effective iron farming farms in Minecraft 1.20 leverage the game’s iron golem spawning mechanisms. Players can thus set up a farm where golems spontaneously appear and may be destroyed with lava. 

A hopper chest device is used to securely gather the iron ingots that the golems drop.

The following is a list of the items required to build a basic iron farm in Minecraft:

  • 4x Hoppers
  • 8x Signs
  • 2x Chests
  • 6x Slabs
  • 3x Beds
  • 3x Trapdoor
  • 2x Water buckets
  • 2x Lava buckets
  • 1x Shovel
  • 1x Boat
  • Torches
  • Solid building blocks

How to create an iron farm in Minecraft

In order to produce an infinite supply of iron ingots in Minecraft 1.20, there are numerous actions that must be taken. To set it up, follow the steps below:

  • Dig a hole that is 7×6 and two blocks deep.
  • The second step is leaving a block gap on the longer side and digging a 3×3 hole that is four blocks deep.
  • After that, you must dive into the hole and dig to make a chamber facing the other way. The room should have the following measurements: 3x2x2 (length, width, and height). Then, make a staircase for yourself by digging in a straight line. Ensure that the two trapdoors at the other end of the staircase are closed.
  • You must place a trap door, three beds, and two slabs on the ground. Place torches as well to stop unwanted mob spawning.
  • Next, arrange a boat next to the beds and set torches on each stairwell step.
  • Bring three villagers to the farm. Bring them near the beds using boats, and as it becomes night, break the boat. 
  • After that, capture a zombie in the boat by utilising the stairs. To keep the zombie from despawning, make sure it has a name.
  • You need to cover the upper portion of the villager chamber and set up a collecting system with a double chest and four hoppers. 
  • On one of the farm’s six-block-long sides, this has to be constructed.
  • Place eight standard signs and four blocks above the collecting system.
  • Distribute lava between the signs and arrange a slab on each block.
  • You must then pour water in the direction of the lava on the other side.
  • To stop iron golems from spawning near the farm, create path blocks with a shovel all around it.

Upon properly completing the steps, iron golems will spawn in the water and be driven into the lava. They’ll die eventually, and the iron will be gathered in the chest.

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