Minecraft Bedrock Beta/Preview Patch Notes: All You Need To Know


Java Edition snapshots have allowed Mojang to give fans a preview of the upcoming 1.21 release for Minecraft. 

With the release of the preview, which presents many of the features being developed for the upcoming major update and allows users to test them out, Bedrock Edition is also taking advantage of the 1.21 activity.

The trial chamber structure, replete with trial spawner blocks and the Breeze mob, was shown in the Minecraft preview, after the introduction of new tuff and copper blocks and the crafter in earlier versions. 

To enhance the overall gameplay experience, a number of bug patches are also included in this updated preview.

The most current Bedrock preview, the Minecraft Bedrock Beta/Preview, adds the trial chamber structure.

It is complete with all of its mobs, blocks, and treasure, in keeping with recent Java Edition snapshots. 

A few UI and gameplay tweaks have been made. Further, a texture update has been applied to the crafter and tuff blocks.

In the meanwhile, a number of bugs have been fixed in order to get the system closer to general stability for the upcoming experimental releases.

Minecraft Bedrock Beta/Preview Patch Notes

The following are the main features of the Minecraft preview patch:

  • The game now includes trial chambers. These formations originate in the Overworld’s deep slate layers, namely in the range of Y = -20 to Y = -40. They are mostly made of tuff and copper blocks, and because they are procedurally generated, their layouts are unpredictable. Along with a variety of loot items, they also include trial spawner blocks that, depending on how many players explore them, produce varying numbers of hostile mobs.
  • The game now includes trial spawners. Depending on the number of people in the vicinity and the blocks closest to the spawner block, these new blocks can spawn both melee and ranged hostile mobs.
  • The game now includes the Breeze. This mob can leap great distances and use an AOE wind burst attack to take down enemies. Unless the attack makes direct contact with a target, it does not do damage; nonetheless, targets may sustain fall damage as a consequence of the knockback it creates. Furthermore, redstone-compatible blocks like buttons, levers, and trapdoors, among others, can be activated by the wind burst.
  • The game now includes trial keys. These new items are supplied as a prize after conquering the mobs of a trial spawner block, albeit they currently don’t have any purpose.
  • The crafter block and tuff blocks now have new textures.
  • Fixed an issue where boats would collide with blocks when they were positioned on them.
  • Now, when container blocks are linked to a fast redstone clock, they may be reliably interacted with.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to fall unexpectedly when creating and moving simultaneously in Minecraft.
  • When in Spectator Mode, players will no longer trip over the block they are standing on.
  • When world exporting fails, a more comprehensive and instructive set of error messages has been added.
  • On consoles, there is now less of a lag between the 100% Loaded message and the main menu.

Because the Minecraft preview is still in its experimental stage, users may run into issues when using it. 

Furthermore, this beta’s features might change at any time because they are still in the development stage.

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