Minecraft Championship 31 Details Revealed: All You Need To Know

Minecraft Championship 31

The Minecraft Championship (MCC) series has returned for the 2023 season. Following MCC 30, the Noxcrew organisers have once again announced the next event of the series. 

MCC 31 will take place on May 20, 2023, at 8 PM, according to a tweet from the event’s official account. In their tweets in response to the announcement, fans instantly expressed their joy.

There is very little information available at this time about MCC 31. There has been no announcement regarding the teams or minigames. 

Fans of the Minecraft Championship may anticipate more information to be made public as the month goes on. 

The responses to Noxcrew’s tweet announcing MCC 31 were swamped by both Minecraft Championships supporters and past competitors. 

Even Noxcrew acknowledged that they were pleased with the announcement’s overall good reception in response to numerous fans’ remarks. 

Many comments also noted how quickly Noxcrew had announced the start of MCC 31. This is considering that MCC 30 had just concluded on April 29, 2023.

Well-known players who had previously competed in the Minecraft Championships, such as FireBreathMan, Aimsey, Antfrost, and Seapeekay also responded. This made it even more exciting.

Minecraft Championship 31

The players instantly expressed their support for the next canon event in the championship series, undoubtedly to the joy of their own fans, demonstrating their availability and desire to take part.

However, not all notable players will be able to participate in MCC 31.

In addition to the limitations on team size, some Minecraft content producers may unintentionally experience scheduling issues or personal obligations that prevent them from taking part.

Shubble expressed that she wouldn’t be able to compete in MCC 31 because of her travel plans because she would be in Japan at the time of the competition. 

As the championship draws near, Noxcrew will announce the players.

We anticipate learning more information about MCC 31 as the days go forward. There’s no question that the participants should be able to attract a large number of spectators from all around the world.

The excitement should only grow once Noxcrew confirms the list of Minecraft minigames that the 10 teams will be playing.

When May 20 arrives, those who wish to watch MCC events online can watch it on the event’s official YouTube page. 

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