Minecraft Championship (MCC) Season 4 Kick-Off Results & Rankings

Minecraft Championship (MCC)

The goal of the Minecraft Championship, or MCC, is to pit the most well-known players in the community against one another in a series of minigames. 

Players receive money in various ways from each minigame; in Dodgebolt, the two teams with the most coins at the end of the round square off to see who is the real victor. The Kick-Off event for Season 4 has concluded, securing the final positions.

The winning team, all of the other individual team rankings, the ten best scoring players, and the next event that enthusiastic MCC supporters can’t wait to see are all included here.

Minecraft Championship (MCC) Season 4 Rankings

The Red Rabbits, which included the Minecraft content developers Feinberg, TheOrionSound, Kara Corvus, and Chilled Chaos, were declared the winners of the Kick-Off tournament for the fourth season of the Minecraft Championship.

When it came to the amount of coins gathered, the Red Rabbits actually came in second. 

They did, however, come out on top following an outstanding match of Dodgebolt – one of MCC’s greatest games – with TheOrionSound’s 1v3 clutch victory over the Aqua Axolotls.

Feinberg, the current world record holder for speedrunning every update in the history of Minecraft, had never participated in an event before. This also applies to ChilledChaos. 

Kara Corvus’s triumph is especially significant because it was her last victory in the original MCC1.

As was already noted, in the Dodgebolt final, the Red Rabbits prevailed against the Aqua Axolotls. 

The group, which included fWhip, Mythical Sausage, Captain Sparklez, and PeteZahHutt, was unable to win even one Dodgebolt round. Nevertheless, the team did lead by more points entering the last round.

The Green Geckos, consisting of FireBreathMan, SmallishBeans, Xisumavoid, and GoodTimesWithScar, took third place. 

The participation of the latter two with the Hermitcraft creator server is well known. Together with SmallAnt, ElainaExe, Antfrost, and AntVenom, the Cyan Coyotes placed fourth.

Accompanying them in fifth position were the Lime Llamas, who included players such as Seapeekay, HBomb94, iskall85, and cubfan135. The Yellow Yaks, which included Fruitberries, KryticZeuz, vGumiho, and FalseSymmetry, took sixth place. 

Smajor1995, Guqqie, bekyamon, and Jojosolos made up the Purple Pandas, who took the seventh position.

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