BGMI Season C6S18 Rewards Revealed: All You Need To Know 


With each significant update, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) launches a new season in-game usually every two months. Every season is different from the next and offers rewards according to the ranks a player has attained. 

The benefits also get better as players go up the rankings. A player’s rank is also reset to nearly two tiers lower than it was at the end of the previous season after each one. 

The new C6S18 season will arrive with some special incentives in BGMI with the 3.2 release.

After the C6S17 season concludes, Cycle 6 Season 18 (C6S18) in BGMI is anticipated to begin and last for two months. To get the rewards at a given tier, players must ascend to the top tier.

 Playing classic matches will be necessary to receive the rewards. Players are anticipated to receive a special DBS skin for the first time during the C6S18 season.

BGMI Season C6S18 Rewards

The following are a few of the season and tier rewards for every rank in C6S18:

  • Bronze: 1x Supply Crate Coupon, 300 Season tokens.
  • Silver: 1x Classic Crate Coupon, 350 Season tokens.
  • Gold: C6S18 Set, 400 Season tokens.
  • Platinum: C6S18 Glasses, 500 Season tokens.
  • Diamond: C6S18 DBS Skin, 600 Season tokens.
  • Crown: 3x Rating Protection Card, C6S18 Crown name tag, 800 Season tokens, Crown exclusive team-up special effect.
  • Ace: C6S18 Mask, C6S18 Ace name tag, C6S18 Ace title, 1000 Season tokens, Ace exclusive team-up special effect.
  • Ace Master: C6S18 Cover, C6S18 Ace Master name tag, C6S18 Ace Master title, 1000 Season tokens, Ace Master exclusive team-up special effect.
  • Ace Dominator: C6S18 Ace Dominator avatar, C6S18 Ace Dominator name tag, C6S18 Ace Dominator title, 1000 Season tokens, Ace Dominator exclusive team-up special effect.
  • Conqueror: C6S18 Conqueror avatar frame, C6S18 Conqueror name tag, C6S18 Conqueror title, 1200 Season tokens, Conqueror exclusive team-up special effect.

In order to be eligible for the incentives listed above, players must finish at least five matches at each tier. 

You can use the rewards next to your rank in the tier rewards area when five matches have been completed. 

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