Minecraft Free Planet Earth III DLC Released

Minecraft Planet Earth III

The Minecraft DLC for Planet Earth III was just published by Mojang. The Swedish game developer and BBC Earth have already worked together to produce a number of DLCs for the game’s Education and Bedrock Editions. 

They’ve done it once more, producing the third DLC, which features a variety of animal species. One particular feature of the predator-prey system found in nature is exclusive to this expansion.

With the use of unique gaming mechanics, this Minecraft DLC from community creators Shapescape lets users explore a real-world wildlife area just like a local animal. For instance, players can gallop about in the Canadian tundra as an arctic wolf or swim around as a big white shark off the coast of South Africa.

Minecraft Planet Earth III DLC

The purpose of this extension is to increase knowledge of how predators survive by using their hunting skills to fend off threats to themselves and their offspring. Both animal kinds are playable, and players may comprehend both points of view.

Players have the option to transform into a great white shark or a fur seal in one of the predator vs prey situations that takes place on the South African coast.

They can pretend to be musk oxes or Arctic wolves on the tundra of Canada.

Players may choose to either become a patrolling crocodile that will be chasing the newborn chicks in the Okavango Delta or survive as a lily-trotter protecting them through the floodwaters.

In the green African savanna, explorers can either survive as the predator, the impala, or pursue for impalas while assuming the role of the ravenous leopardess.

Lastly, players can journey to the Amazon jungle and assume the roles of the stingless bee and the treehopper.

Players’ main base is the BBC Planet Earth Field Station, which is located in a jungle. From here, they may select from a variety of games, select the biome they want to play in, and see the creatures that live there.

For every mission they do, players will receive in-game rewards, skins, and other stuff to wear.

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