Minecraft Guide To Make Obsidian Black


In Minecraft, the block known as obsidian may be found in all three dimensions. It also has a few fairly significant characteristics. 

Due to its almost perfect blast resistance, it cannot be destroyed by TNT or the majority of other explosives. 

The Ender Dragon’s attacks are included, however the Wither’s blue wither sculls and coming in touch with its body are not. The only mob in Minecraft that has the ability to destroy obsidian is The Wither.

Additionally, Obsidian’s interaction with pistons is unique. In the game, obsidian blocks cannot be pushed or pulled by pistons or sticky pistons. 

Only pickaxes made of diamond or netherite can destroy these blocks since obsidian is so hard. 

Guide to craft Obsidian in Minecraft

Obsidian is rather simple to make in the Minecraft game. Follow the procedure below:

Obtain flowing water. You can easily locate a water source in your world and create a canal to transport the water to the lava. 

However, this requires a lot more labour and is not essential. Using a bucket is the most effective method of moving water.

Three iron ingots are required to make one bucket. You may right-click on a water source to pick it up while having a bucket selected. 

After that, you can simply create flowing water blocks by placing it anywhere you choose.

Locating lava is the challenging aspect in making obsidian. This hazardous liquid block may be found in a number of locations around the overworld. 

It is possible for lava pits or pools to emerge on the surface that are open to the sky. The ideal place to get early-game obsidian is those surface lava pools. 

Due to its relative flatness, the desert biome is where you’ll most likely locate them.

After locating a lava pool, you can start making obsidian in Minecraft. Start by positioning the water source a block (vertically or horizontally) away from the edge of the lava pool. 

The water will soon begin to flow, covering several lava sources and transforming them into obsidian.

You may mine obsidian blocks once you have produced them. Remember that in order to mine obsidian in Minecraft, you will need at least a diamond pickaxe. 

In addition, compared to the majority of other blocks, it will take some time.

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