Minecraft Legends Guide: How To Change Mounts

Minecraft Mounts

There are four mounts in Minecraft Legends. Players may change mounts whenever they want by going to certain locations on the map.

In Minecraft Legends, mounts are the sole means of transportation. Each of the four mounts that are presently available in the game has a distinct benefit. 

You will want to alternate between them since they all have unique qualities that set them apart and make them better in a certain circumstance. 

In each world, the spawn position may vary. Finding the mounts in Minecraft Legends is the only challenging aspect of the procedure; changing the mount is straightforward. 

How to switch mounts in Minecraft Legends

Players need to do the following in order to switch mounts in the game.

Locate the mount you want to use first. Learn the biomes that each mount inhabits.

Simply hold Q on the keyboard close to the mount after you’ve located it to swap. This will start a cutscene, and then the mount will be yours.

Due to the fact that each mount in the game has a unique skill, you probably want to swap between them based on your playstyle and mission objectives. 

If you want to switch back to your earlier mount, return to the location where you discovered the current mount. 

When you switch mounts in Minecraft Legends, the previous mount remains in place. Simply return to the starting location and switch back. 

You may also swap to the mount of your choice by travelling to the closest biome where it spawns.

Where to find mounts

Minecraft Legends players have the option of changing their mounts in the wild or searching for one in the village. The latter is a simple way after you’ve unlocked them all.

Firstly, go to any village. A mount will be waiting for you in a village if it has been unlocked. So locate any nearby village and go there. 

By pressing the switch button when you are near enough, you may leap off the old mount and onto the new one.

You can also locate one in the wild. If you are in the biome where they appear, finding one in the wild might be a useful method to switch your mount.

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