Minecraft Reveals Free Monkey King & Mythic Beasts Map


For a number of years, in observance of the Lunar New Year, Minecraft has given away one or two free items. Players received skins in 2021 to commemorate the Year of the Ox. 

Mojang released massive content packs for Minecraft in 2022 and 2023, which were available for free download and play. Thanks to Next Studio, gamers were able to interact in-game with the legendary figure Nian last year.

On February 8, Mojang made a big announcement for Lunar New Year 2024.

Mojang updated gamers on its most recent collaboration with Next Studio in the news article. A free content pack based on Chinese mythology was made accessible to players; it may be found on the Minecraft Marketplace. 

The main character, Sun Wukong, the trickster God, teams up with a formidable phoenix to protect the Sky Palace from the terrible Demon Army.

Minecraft Monkey King & Mythic Beasts Map

Players will witness their feathery friend suffering injuries while guarding the palace in the Minecraft game. Before the phoenix can ultimately repel the Demon Army and save the day, they must aid in its healing and complete power restoration.

Players will need to make sure that the experimental modding settings are enabled while building a world for this mod, since they are necessary for the functionality of the content.

Before being deposited inside the Sky Palace, players who are just joining the planet experience a brief flyover over the map. 

They are healthier than usual, and a stamina meter has taken the place of the customary hunger bar. A staff weapon, a guide book that teaches users the fundamentals of the pack’s gameplay, and many inventory spaces that are locked for usage with the phoenix are also available to players.

Players get tasks from NPCs that bring them to their phoenix companion, which will assist them in battle. 

The various adversaries and bosses invading the palace may be defeated with the use of the phoenix’s otherworldly skills, which can be activated during battle using stamina.

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