PUBG Mobile Lucky Spin Crate Details, Skins

PUBG Mobile

A new Lucky Spin crate has been launched by Tencent Games and is accessible till March 9, 2024 (UTC+0). A PUBG Mobile Drakreign MK14 skin is available, along with a ton of other legendary and mythical items. 

For those who don’t know, the former is regarded as the most gorgeous and rarest item in the game. If you can afford to spend PUBG Mobile UC on it, it’s a valuable collection.

Numerous legendary items are available in the new Lucky Spin crate, such as the Dragon Emperor outfit and headcover and the Dragon Empress set and headcover. 

Its mythic items comprise the Drakreign MK14 skin, Molotov Cocktail skins, Gilded Dragon pan, and Drakreign grenade.

In addition to this, the Lucky Spin crate contains cheap supplies including paints, development materials, and tokens that come within the crate.

It’s important to note that if you’re not fortunate enough to win the exclusives by opening crates, you may spend these tokens to buy them.

PUBG Mobile Lucky Spin Crate

Opening crates is necessary to obtain the skin and other rewards from the Lucky Spin crate in PUBG Mobile. Opening crates delivers one item that is chosen at random from the container. It’s crucial to remember that opening crates requires a specific quantity of UC.

Ten UC are needed for the day’s first draw, and 40 UC are needed for each further one.

Additionally, you can choose to open ten crates at once, which is valued at 360 UC less than usual.

If you would want to utilize Tokens to get the rewards from the redeem area, they are listed below as the crate’s exclusives:

  • Dragon Emperor set: 500 Tokens
  • Dragon Emperor headcover: 180 Tokens
  • Dragon Emperess set: 500 Tokens
  • Dragon Emperess headcover: 180 Tokens
  • Gilded Dragon pan: 250 Tokens
  • Drakreign grenade skin: 70 Tokens
  • Drakreign molotov cocktail skin: 70 Tokens
  • Drakreign MK14 skin: 550 Tokens
  • Draco Arts emote: 200 Tokens
  • Development Materials: 200 Tokens
  • Paint: 4 Tokens
  • Weapon Equipment skin: 50 Tokens

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