Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Campaign Achievement Leaks: All You Need To Know

Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is the first time Activision has published back-to-back sequels of the same series of the game (Modern Warfare). 

The anticipated release date for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has been made public. 

So far, we’ve witnessed snippets of gameplay and learned more about a brand-new mission type which gamers are going to be able to do when the game launches. 

Not only do we know when we can play MW3, but we also know what to expect from the game’s release, including information on the multiplayer maps, landscapes, and story mode. 

Additionally, there is a current prelaunch beta to take advantage of. 

Despite the fact that Call of Duty is releasing two Modern Warfare games consecutively, it appears that this year’s entry might be a good one.

Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Achievement leaks 

The plot will continue where it left off in Modern Warfare 2 in the game’s complete campaign, which will center on Vladimir Makarov, a major adversary from the first Modern Warfare game. 

This campaign offers players more customization options than previously offered by Activision. 

Open Combat tasks will provide players with a ton more options when it comes to how they complete tasks. 

More open regions will be available for players to finish objectives using different strategies.

This list covers some of the important achievements that are apparently available:

  • What The Hell Kind of Name Is Soap?
  • 141 Ready
  • Death Penalty
  • Fight or Flight
  • Jack of All Weapons
  • C-C-Collateral!
  • Old Habits Die Hard
  • Bad Bedside Manner
  • Enjoy The Little Things
  • Hitchhiker
  • Your Tax Dollars at Work
  • Shot Blocked
  • Final Stop
  • Full Sweep
  • Hush-Hush
  • Hey! Catch!
  • Drive-by
  • Bound and Magged
  • Time For a New Plan
  • Professional Hoarder
  • Party Favor
  • Engineer Degree
  • I Like to Pretend I Have a Plan
  • Suit Up
  • That’s One Way to Do It
  • Who Needs Legs?

It’s vital to remember that none of these rewards pertain to the Zombies mode of MW3, just the campaign mode. 

By meeting the requirements while completing the missions, all gamers across all compatible platforms will automatically have access to the achievements. 

The campaign mode is the most anticipated inclusion in the game as fans are hoping to find a suitable conclusion to the storyline.

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