New Car Racing Mode Will Feature In Fortnite: Check Details

Fortnite car racing mode

The famous battle royale game Fortnite from Epic Games may have a new game mode that is focused on racing automobiles added soon.

According to recent data miner findings, Fortnite will seemingly receive a brand-new car racing gamemode later this year.

‘DelMar’, a potential new game mode for game Fortnite, may focus on racing cars. You can find all the details about the new mode in the Fortnite game here below.

Fortnite DelMar mode

The new mode, code-named “DelMar,” will have playlists for competitive and casual play. It will also come with player rankings divided into 18 Division levels. 

Several files inside the Fortnite game files, according to a number of community dataminers, lead to the creation of a new car-racing mode name “DelMar,” which will launch in five months.

The specifics of the new ranking system are still unclear. Leakers claim a “leaderboard might exist.” 

The new racing game, which will be developed by Epic Games will most likely join Battle Royale, Party Royale, Save the World, and Creative as one of Fortnite’s primary modes. 

It will be similar to the Impostors mode that was added last year. Once the game is released, a Garage option is anticipated to be added to the main menu.

Famous Twitter leakers GMatrixGames and iFireMonkey claimed that the new mode will have a customising garage that players could enter from the main game lobby and provide a variety of different car models and designs.

New mode details

According to reports, the DelMar mode offers a variety of gaming possibilities. This includes Death Race, a number of circuits, and even a competitive game mode. 

There will be 18 ranks and divisions in the competitive mode. 

It seems that the developers intend to advance this vehicle racing game and provide a solid groundwork for the competitive arena.

Data miners assert that “within 5 months or less” the mode should be launched. The information revealed today could alter before an official release, as is the case with all leaks. 

In further news, rumours indicate Fortnite will celebrate Goku Day this week with new Item Shop cosmetics.

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