Nova Esports Announces New PUBG Mobile Roster

PUBG Mobile Nova Esports

Renowned Chinese team Nova Esports has unveiled their roster for the April 5–starting PUBG Mobile Global Open (PMGO) 2024 Main Event. 16 teams from throughout the globe will compete in this massive match for a total of $356,000 in prize money. 

After a year apart, the team has made a comeback to the world stage, led by seasoned player Order.

The Global Open 2024 PEL Qualifiers, in which sixteen Chinese teams competed for one spot in the main tournament, was just won by Nova Esports. Global supporters are expecting Nova Esports to place well in the competition. With the organization’s two straight worldwide titles, it has amassed a sizable fan base.

Nova Esports PUBG Mobile Roster

This is Nova Esports’ PUBG Mobile team for the Global Open;

  • Order – Zeng Zehai
  • Paraboy – Zhu Bocheng
  • Dreamy – Cheng Yang
  • Loongskr – Ang Yong Song
  • Cat – Liu Xin (Coach)

The primary focus of the event will once again be the internationally renowned team of Order and Paraboy. In PUBG Mobile Esports, these seasoned players don’t need an introduction since throughout the previous five years, they have consistently put up their best performances in several regional and worldwide competitions. 

They overcame their organization to win the title twice in a row. Dreamy was added to Nova Esports’ roster earlier this year. The budding celebrity was once connected to ThunderTalk Gaming. 

In the PMGO, he will perform in his first international tournament. Additionally, Loongskr, who joined the club last year, will take part in his debut international competition. Cat, a former athlete for Nova Esports, will coach the team.

The Global Open’s main tournament will take place in Brazil from April 5–7. Eighteen teams are confirmed thus far, and the other eight will be chosen from the current Prelims phase. 

The PMGO 2024 has a $500,000 total prize fund, of which $80K will be given out in the preliminary round and $64K to the qualification finals.

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