PUBG Mobile 2.8 Update World Of Wonder Gameplay Update

PUBG Mobile 2.8 World of Wonder

The PUBG Mobile 2.8 update has brought in a plethora of changes, which includes gameplay updates to the World of Wonder mode.

These include the following:

  • Feedback on New Creations, gradually made public after the release announcement)
  • On the results page, users may rank the creations they’ve played. Additionally, they may provide feedback to the developers.
  • On the creation page, creators may examine and reply to comments when they are received. Positive remarks may be highlighted and shown to all players.
  • The creation score and highlighted comments are now shown on the creation page of World of Wonder. For their creations, players may offer comments, Likes, and criticism.
  • Playtesting and map verification were added. The initial recommendations will be for works that the designers have personally tried out and played.

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