PUBG Mobile Ban Pan Update: Check Details

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile banned 246,406 accounts and 2,642 devices in the course of the last week. PUBG Mobile is strictly against cheating and punishes gamers who are found to be doing it quickly. 

The following are the most typical forms of cheating in PUBG Mobile:

  • Using unapproved software from a third party to get an unfair advantage
  • Exploiting faults or defects in the game, collaborating with other players to cheat, or hacking the game’s code to change gameplay

Anti-cheat mechanisms in PUBG Mobile

To identify and stop cheating, PUBG Mobile has included a variety of safeguards, including:

  • A group of devoted security specialists who keep an eye on the game for irregular behaviour
  • A powerful anti-cheat programme that checks for unlicensed software
  • A way for gamers to notify suspected cheats that they may use

You may use the in-game reporting system to report players you think are cheating in PUBG Mobile. 

You may also provide proof of the cheating in the form of screenshots or videos. For reporting cheaters, you will get in-game prizes.

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