PUBG Mobile Global Open (PMGO) 2024 Details, Teams, Prize Pool

PUBG Mobile Global Open

Tencent has revealed the specifics of the PMGO, the first worldwide PUBG Mobile competition of 2024, which is scheduled to happen in Brazil. This tournament, which has $500,000 in total prize money, will be held in three separate stages: Qualifier, Prelims, and Main Event. This Global Open’s initial edition was originally made public by the publisher at the PMGC 2023 Grand Finals.

Tencent plans to hold three worldwide competitions in 2024 to pique fans’ interest. March 4 is the start date of the PUBG Mobile Global Open, which ends on April 7. 

This year’s calendar includes the second international competition, known as the PMWI, in July and the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) in November and December.

1. Qualifier Stage

On February 19, registration for this first phase of the competition will open. This provides underdog teams with the chance to face off against more seasoned teams. Two rounds will be held: the Offline Qualifier Finals (March 28–30) and the Online Qualifier (March 4–10). 

The top 32 teams advance to the Qualifier Finals. Here, the victorious team guarantees a spot in the PMGO Main Event. The whole prize pool for the qualifier is $64,000.

2. Prelims

A number of PUBG Mobile teams, including the top finishers from the Qualifier Finals, partnered clubs, and certain invited teams, will compete in the Prelims. It will also be contested offline. 

With a $80,000 total prize pool, it is slated to take place from April 1 to April 3, 2024. The third and final round will be contested by the top eight teams overall.

3. Main Event

The Main Event will take place in São Paulo from April 5 to 7. It will have 16 teams competing for a $356,000 cash prize pool. Direct invitations to the PMGO 2024 Main Event have been extended to Alpha7 from Brazil, S2G Gaming from Turkey, and IHC from Mongolia. 

In addition to them, the PMSL SEA Spring, PMPL S0 South Korea, PMJL S3 Japan, and PEL PMGO Qualifier winners from the four regional competitions will also be announced during the event.

These seven teams will square off against the winning team from the Qualifier Finals and the top eight teams from the Prelims in the Main Event. They compete over three days to win the prestigious PMGO championship. 

The competition will be streamed live on PUBG Mobile’s Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube channels.

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