PUBG Mobile: How To Win A Solo vs. Squad Match

PUBG Mobile

Taking on teams as a solo player requires flexibility and creative thinking. This can aid you in navigating and succeeding in this demanding gaming style, whether you’re an experienced player or just getting started.

Defeating an entire squad can sometimes be difficult even when you have your team to back you up.

However, if you keep certain strategies in mind, you can achieve this remarkable feat in PUBG Mobile.

Here are 5 tips to help you win a solo vs. squad encounter in PUBG Mobile.

1. Loot efficiently

Prioritise loot by concentrating on requirements like armour, guns, and ammo. Because they provide a good balance of firepower and control, assault rifles and submachine guns are excellent choices in PUBG Mobile.

Put on armour and a helmet to improve your chances of surviving. Gather healing supplies including bandages, first aid kits, and energy drinks to keep oneself going throughout extended battle. 

Larger capacity backpacks are also required to transport an ample quantity of ammo and utility goods.

2. Landing 

The location of your landing in PUBG Mobile’s solo vs. squad engagements significantly affects your chances of survival. 

Pick a location with nice loot that is not as crowded. Pick out areas that are a bit further from busy areas but yet have enough items to equip yourself.

Keep in mind that surviving the first phases is essential since it enables you to gather resources and be ready for battles.

3. Play safe

Remember that no matter how good of a PUBG Mobile player you are, in solo vs. squad matches, the enemy squad has an edge over you in terms of number.

Do not jump into a fight without properly analyzing the situation and with a plan in mind.

4. Avoid direct confrontation

When you find an enemy squad in your solo vs. squad match in PUBG Mobile, instead of directly beginning to shoot at them, plan your attacks in unique ways.

You could, for example, use a frag grenade if they are standing close to each other. You could rush when you have knocked one out and the other is reviving.

5. Knowledge of the map

To determine where the play area will be limited, examine the map and zone dynamics. Reduce your likelihood of getting caught by the blue zone by positioning yourself as close to its centre as possible.

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