PUBG Mobile Tournament Of Wonder Details, Prizes

PUBG Mobile

New and enticing upgrades and features were added to World of Wonder mode in the PUBG Mobile 2.8 release. 

The World of Wonder mode in PUBG Mobile is one that is loved by players. Tournament of Wonder by Level Infinite attracts players to display their creative abilities.

The $50,000 prize pool for the competition is being offered by the developers. 

Join the Tournament of Wonder at WOW the Community for a chance to win incredible prizes. Visit the event centre in the game and seek for the WOW mode competition if you want to participate.

PUBG Mobile Tournament of Wonder Contest

PUBG Mobile has introduced a new contest by the name Tournament of Wonder, which brings forth exciting prizes for the winners.

This includes both cash rewards and crate coupons. The rewards are as follows:

  • Rank 1-10: $10000 total prize money ($1000 each)
  • Rank 11-50: $20000 prize money ($500 each)
  • Rank 51-100: $10000 total prize money ($200 each)
  • Rank 101-200: $10000 total prize money ($100 each)
  • Rank 201-500: 5 crate coupons
  • Rank 501-1000: 4 crate coupons
  • Rank 1001-2000: 3 crate coupons
  • Rank 2001-5000: 2 crate coupons
  • Rank 5001 and below: 1 crate coupon

PUBG Mobile players can visit the in-game centre in the game to participate in the contest.

PUBG Mobile World of Wonder changes

Recently, PUBG Mobile brought in numerous changes to the World of Wonder mode such as:

  • Feedback on New Creations (gradually made public after the release announcement)
  • On the results page, users may rank the works they’ve played. Additionally, they may provide feedback to the developers.
  • On the creation page, creators may examine and reply to comments when they are received. Positive remarks may be highlighted and shown to all players.
  • The creation score and highlighted comments are now shown on the creation page. For their projects, players may offer comments, LIKEs, and criticism.
  • Playtesting and map verification were added. The initial recommendations will be for works that the designers have personally tried out and played.

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