Skyesports BGMI POVA Cup 2023 Finals Day 1 Results & Rankings

Skyesports BGMI

Marcos Gaming took the lead with 82 points on the opening day of the BGMI POVA Cup Finals. With 70 points, Enigma Gaming trailed them in second place. In six bouts, these two standout players each grabbed two Chicken Dinners. 

Another team who scored 70 points without a single Chicken Dinner was Big Brother Esports. At 58 points, Entity Gaming came in fourth place. On December 27, the Finals’ last six games will take place.

With 47 and 45 points, respectively, Orangutan and Team Manya (the previous Blind BGMI roster) occupied the sixth and seventh positions. With 36 points, Medal Esports, under the direction of Paradox, took 11th position.

On the overall standings of the Skyesports BGMI POVA Cup 2023 Day 1, Reckoning Esports and Team Omega (the roster from Team Soul) placed 14th and 15th, respectively.

Skyesports BGMI POVA Cup 2023 Finals Day 1 Highlights

Enigma Gaming won an amazing 25-point Chicken Dinner in the opening round, setting up a spectacular climax. In this match, Big Brother and Team Manya scored eighteen and sixteen points, respectively. 

Enigma Gaming scored 28 more points after winning the second game as well. Orangutan and Big Brother received 14 and 12 points, respectively, while Aerobotz received 20 points. 

Marcos Gaming accelerated in the third match and won with a 24-point victory against Chicken Dinner. Big Brother, Reckoning, and Entity scored 19, 17, and 14 points correspondingly. Just seven points were earned by Team Manya. Empire and Orangutan Gaming were eliminated without a point.

Orangutan Gaming won the fourth game with 27 points, completing a fantastic comeback. Enigma and Empire both received 10 points, but Big Brother continued to be consistent and scored 21 points.

In the fifth match, Marcos Gaming scored an incredible 35 points with Chicken Dinner. Medal Esports scored 20 important points and had an amazing appearance. Team Manya and Anonymous scored 11 and 15, respectively.

In the last game of Day 1 of the BGMI POVA Cup Finale, Entity Gaming prevailed by a score of 21 points. The scores for Team Tamilas and Anonymous were 21 and 23, respectively. Both Hyderabad Hydras and Medal managed to score ten points apiece. Team Omega lost their first battle and was eliminated.

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