Minecraft 1.20.4 Optifine Download Guide


After a long wait, OptiFine for the most recent version of Minecraft (1.20.4) is available. One of the greatest methods to maximize performance and general smoothness in the block game is to use the well-liked performance mod. 

Even with one of the most simplistic visual styles available, games like Minecraft can still have latency spikes and drops in frame rate. OptiFine can significantly boost version 1.20.4’s performance.

How to get OptiFine for Minecraft 1.20.4

You must go to the official OptiFine website first. This is the location of every stable and preview version of the mod. It is important to note that the Minecraft 1.20.4 version of the mod has not yet been formally made available as a stable version. 

Still, a trial mod was just made available for download by anybody. Although this mod is compatible with the most recent version of the game, it may include some quirks and issues.

It’s also important to remember that the mod’s preview version is incompatible with the Forge modding API. Press the ‘download’ or ‘mirror’ option to get the mod once the 1.20.4 section appears. 

Because OptiFine is totally free, there’s a possibility that customers will see an advertisement on the website before they can download anything.

You can install the OptiFine preview for 1.20.4 after it has been downloaded. Since the program will recognize the game’s directory automatically, this should be a really simple process. 

All you have to do is click “Install” and let the program do its work. After the installation is complete, make sure to either restart the launcher or keep it closed. It will now be able to recognize the latest version of the OptiFine game. 

Navigate to the Java Edition in the launcher. Use the drop-down list next to the play button to find the most recent modified version.

You may click “play” once you’ve chosen the modified game and let the launcher to download all the files needed to get everything working. When the game launches, the OptiFine mod version will be shown in the lower left corner of the main menu screen.

To test all the additional video settings the performance mod offers, you may join any world. 

This modified version, albeit being a preview version, will also enable shaders. This can significantly enhance the appearance of the world.

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