Tips To Use Shotguns More Effectively In BGMI


Shotguns are the most powerful and underappreciated weapons in BGMI. These weapons can cause heavy destruction on the battlefield when employed effectively. 

Shotguns’ general usefulness is always being improved by developers with greater qualities.

You can easily master these firearms, get more kills quicker, and improve your gameplay and stats with a few helpful hints. 

Here are 5 tips to use shotguns more effectively in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

1. Use the best shotguns

In BGMI, Krafton has included a wide variety of shotguns. Use your preferred shotgun to get the necessary amount of kills.

DBS and S12K shotguns are the most popular shotguns in BGMI. The DBS can fire up to 14 bullets each round, while the S12K can fire continuously. 

Additionally, some shotguns have add-ons that aid with bullet spread, ammo capacity, and recoil reduction.

2. Focus on headshots

In BGMI, headshots inflict the most amount of damage on an enemy. Shotguns do greater damage and have a wider bullet dispersion than other weapons.

As a result, players must aim for the opponent’s head in order to kill him with fewer shots. You may also wait for your enemy to make a mistake so you can shoot him while he is exposed.

3. Lure the enemy in

Shotguns are most effective in close-range fights. As a shotgun user, try to confront enemies at close quarters or in places like buildings. 

Shotguns are ineffective beyond their optimal range, therefore staying away from long-range combat makes sense. 

Thus, instead of shooting at your enemy from a long range, lure them in towards you.

4. Be stealthy

A shotgun strategy that works well relies on surprise and stealth. Because these weapons only have a short effective range, it’s essential to close the gap without notifying your enemies. 

Utilise cover, move covertly and pay attention to cues to surprise opponents. When utilising shotguns, ambushing unprepared enemies will give you a significant tactical advantage.

5. Continuous training

Shotgun proficiency in BGMI requires repetition and the refinement of reflexes. Regularly engage in close combat to improve your marksmanship, mobility, and pressure-sensitive decision-making. 

Take part in TDM or arcade modes to increase your shotgun fight experience and sharpen your abilities. 

You’ll ultimately develop the skill necessary to respond swiftly and precisely during intense shotgun encounters.

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