Top 5 SMG Guns In BGMI For The Ultimate Victory In 2023


Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) includes an impressive selection of SMGs (Submachine Guns). 

These SMGs are part of a particular group of weapons created for close-quarters warfare and are distinguished by their rapid rate of fire, small size, and modest damage. 

SMGs provide a variety of gaming options since they perform well in rapid encounters and also show to be very useful in close-quarters combat situations. 

SMGs in BGMI are particularly useful in Team Deathmatch and Arena Training modes, given the fast-paced nature of the modes and the requirement of fighting in close-quarters.

However, these weapons can also be useful in classic matches, although ARs are often the first choice for players.

Here are the top five SMGs you may employ in Battlegrounds Mobile India which is bound to lead you to victory.

1. UZI

The UZI is well known in BGMI for its exceptional handling and lightning-fast rate of fire. It is a fan-favourite weapon and the weapon of choice in Deathmatch modes.

Due to its high value for mobility, this SMG is especially well-suited for players that like an aggressive playstyle. 

Due to its strong rate of fire of 71 and stability rating of 67, it excels in close-quarters combat. The addition of attachments like a magazine, a stock, and a muzzle will increase the UZI’s power.

2. Vector

Out of all the SMGs in BGMI, Vector does the most damage. Due of its damage rate, it is the weapon that is most similar to an assault rifle. 

Although the SMG is quite steady, it may not be possible to use this SMG in the longer range. Its short bullet range makes it most effective in close to mid quarters because of the quicker bullet spray.

3. UMP45 

The abbreviation UMP stands for Universal Machine Pistol. Among all the SMGs in BGMI, it possessed the second-highest power damage rate. Because of its tremendous damage and stability, it is quite effective. 

4. MP5K

Only the maps Vikendi and Karakin include this SMG. Due to its small magazine and limited fire capacity, it is extremely similar to the Vector. 

It has also replaced Vector in Vikendi. This weapon has more damage per bullet. 

5. Tommy Gun

The Tommy Gun is a powerful SMG that fires.45 ACP bullets and is known for dealing out a lot of damage in BGMI. Players often outfit it with numerous attachments, which improve its basic statistics, to maximise its performance, such as a muzzle, magazine, foregrip, and scope. 

One of its standout features is its consistent hip-fire accuracy, which makes it especially deadly in action-packed encounters in BGMI and allows players to fling a hail of bullets while moving.

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