Top 5 Survival Tips For BGMI In November 2023


Survival is one of the most important skills to hone in Battlegrounds Mobile India, or BGMI.

This is because regardless of how many kills you garner in the game, ultimately, you can only win if you survive till the very end.

Therefore, here are 5 tips and tricks that you can use to survive longer in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

1. Landing spot

Selecting the ideal landing spot is crucial for survival in BGMI. With so many locations to explore in BGMI maps, it’s important to choose a landing spot based on your favorite style of play. 

In the midst of the map is generally where the action occurs, so if you’re used to fighting in close quarters, think about landing there. 

You could have more time to prepare before confronting opponents if you take a more cautious approach and land on the periphery.

Take the flight path into account while deciding a landing spot in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

2. Efficient looting

In BGMI, efficient looting is necessary to successfully and swiftly assemble your arsenal for survival. 

Initially, loot essentials like armor, weapons, and ammunition before optional stuff. 

To handle a variety of combat circumstances, choose a well-balanced loadout that contains both short- and medium-range weapons. It’s preferable to enter buildings and loot them methodically. 

3. Engage with caution

Combat in BGMI to ensure survival demands utmost caution. Attack targets with a combination of force and care. 

While assault rifles are better in medium-range warfare, shotguns and SMGs are better at close quarters fighting. 

Always look behind corners and observe opponents from a third-person perspective to avoid giving too much away about yourself.

4. Check the kill feed and mini-map

In order to advance in the game and survival longer, you must remain informed. Pay attention to the kill feed, the number of players remaining, and the positions of explosions and gunfire. 

You may use this information to help you foresee potential threats and opportunities. As circumstances change, modify your plan of action.

Think twice before moving if you notice a lot of sniper fire. 

5. Always keep a vehicle with you

When the blue zone is closing in or you need to move swiftly across large distances, a vehicle can come to your rescue. 

Nonetheless, using a vehicle should be done cautiously since it might draw the attention of enemy groups and identify your whereabouts. Move the cars into a new compound while they are under cover.

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