Minecraft Host Armor Trim Full Guide


A player’s armor in Minecraft may be customized by adding an armor trim. Various armor trims with distinct designs can be found in various places. 

To apply the armor’s trim, you’ll need an earth mineral and a smithing table.

Minecraft Host Armor Trim

To obtain the Host armor trim, you must first locate path ruins in the Minecraft game. The ancient structure that is buried is the only place in the game where it may be located. 

To locate the armor trim, you must traverse the world and acquire a few items, blocks, and mobs.

Since the armor trim can only be discovered within the new, suspicious gravel block in the trail ruins, you will also need to craft the new brush tool.

Next, you’ll need a horse to go about the in-game world as most of the trail ruins are underground, with a few blocks of gravel and terracotta protruding on the surface. 

Thus, you have to go down low in order to spot them readily. Trail ruins are frequently found in biomes such as taiga, snowy taiga, old-growth birch forest, old-growth taiga, and jungles. 

They may also be located in close proximity to coastlines, aquifers, or rivers. 

As such, you need to be on the lookout for any peculiar-looking gravel blocks or terracotta that protrudes in any direction.

The new suspicious gravelblocks are those that have a slightly altered texture and can be found after excavating the new structure.

Look for them and give them a light brush to disclose any loot hidden inside.

To obtain the precise armor trim, you may have to discover and uncover a few trail ruins. 

Once you have it, it’s simple to duplicate the armor trim on a crafting table with one terracotta block and seven diamonds.

Once the armor trim is obtained, any earth mineral, such as diamond, iron, redstone, emerald, and lapis lazuli, can be utilized with it on a smithing table.

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