Top 5 Tips For Long Range Accuracy In PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

Long-range accuracy is a crucial ability in PUBG Mobile that sets pros apart and may greatly increase your performance and kill total, whether you’re taking out targets over wide-open spaces or making deft long-range shots.

You may improve your long range accuracy in PUBG Mobile with time and practice.

Here are 5 tips and tricks that will help you hone your long-range accuracy skills in PUBG Mobile.

1. Choosing a good scope

In PUBG Mobile, long-range fighting requires a deep comprehension of several types of scopes and their uses. 

For distances more than 100 meters, think about utilizing 4x, 6x, or 8x scopes. 

While the 6x and 8x scopes perform well in long-range engagements, the 4x scope is helpful in mid-range fights.

Practice adjusting your aim with these scopes to account for target movement and bullet drop. 

In many situations in PUBG Mobile, knowing the subtleties of each scope will significantly increase your accuracy.

2. Mastering recoil

In PUBG Mobile, long-range confrontations need careful control of weapon recoil. 

The accidental upward movement of your weapon as you shoot it is known as recoil, and it may significantly affect your accuracy, especially when firing at long range. 

By managing the recoil of the many guns in the game, you may increase your accuracy at long range.

3. Equipping attachments

Choose attachments that improve firearm stability and lessen recoil. 

The compensator, for instance, is a great option for long-range warfare because of its remarkable ability to reduce both horizontal and vertical recoil.

4. Precise aim

Any competent shooter in PUBG Mobile starts with precise shooting and effective sensitivity settings. 

To hone your aim and develop muscle memory, you should play practice matches or spend a lot of time in training mode. 

Practice tracking moving targets and making accurate shots at different distances to improve overall accuracy.

5. Practice 

Improving your PUBG Mobile long-range accuracy takes practice. 

In arcade battles or training mode, practice your aim. Focus on consistently hitting headshots, as they do greater damage.

Real-world matches may be accurately simulated by firing at moving targets. 

You may increase your accuracy in PUBG Mobile games and learn to predict the moves of your opponents by practicing consistently.

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