Call Of Duty Mobile Fall Invitational 2023 Details, Schedule, Teams

Call of Duty Mobile

From November 9 to November 26, 2023, twelve Asian teams will compete in Call of Duty: Mobile Fall Invitational, with a total cash prize of $54,681 (400,000 Yuan). 

Beijing, China will host the Playoffs, while the Group Stage will take place online. 

A monetary award of about $17,360 will be granted to the Fall Invitational winner. 

A portion of the prize money will be given to each participant according to how well they do.

One Indian team has been invited to compete in the COD Mobile event this year as well. 

Out of the twelve Asian participants, two are from Japan and five are from China. Four teams from Southeast Asia’s Garena area will compete in this major competition.

Call Of Duty Mobile Fall Invitational 2023 Prize Pool Distribution

The following is the division of the prize money for this COD Mobile tournament:

  • 1st Place – $17,387
  • 2nd Place – $12,048
  • 3rd Place – $6,434
  • 4th Place – $3,560
  • 5th Place – $2,327
  • 6th Place – $2,327
  • 7th Place – $2,327
  • 8th Place – $2,327
  • 9th Place – $1,506
  • 10th Place – $1,506
  • 11th Place – $1,506
  • 12th Place – $1,506

Participating teams

The following 12 teams have received invitations to the 2023 COD Mobile Fall Invitational:

  1. Qing Jiu Club (China)
  2. Wolves (China)
  3. All Gamers (China)
  4. Stand Point Gaming (China)
  5. Douyu Gaming (China)
  6. Volt (Japan)
  7. Team BSW (Japan)
  8. GodLike Esports (India)
  9. Powerhouse (Southeast Asia)
  10. Kagendra (Indonesia)
  11. Elevate (Philippines)
  12. Omega Esports (Philippines)

For the first round, these previously listed sides have been seeded into two groups.

Every match will be played in a best-of-five format, with the format being Single Round Robin. 

Each group’s top four players will be chosen to compete in the playoffs.

Qing Jiu Club, often known as Q9, won China Call of Duty Masters Season 6 recently. 

In the Grand Finals, the team outperformed Wolves and took home the championship. 

The two teams will definitely be ones to watch out for in this tournament.

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