Top 5 Tips To Get More Kills In PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has always prided itself in being strategy-heavy and not a full meta-shooting game. 

Despite stiff competition from various other companies in the gaming industry, Krafton’s constant updating of the game has disallowed players from using the same in-game strategies as they become obsolete after a certain period. 

This ensures that PUBG Mobile provides a platform for players to be creative and impeccable with their methods to knock players down individually or via squad tactics. 

The Kill Ratio or K/D ratio is a fair indicator of a player’s caliber and anyone jumping into the game would like to boast decent numbers. 

So here are some tricks and tips to improve oneself and get more kills while having a better gaming experience.

1. Aggressive Gaming Style

The first line of defense is attack in PUBG Mobile. By doing this, you increase your odds of shooting more people and additionally improve your chances of winning more kills.

Further, winning while hiding is considerably more boring than dying in battle. So start attacking right away to catch your adversaries off guard.

2. Land in map hotspots

There are hot spots that have held its reputation in the classic mode of PUBG Mobile. Always try to land in Pochinki, Georgopol, Military base depending on the plane’s path and the closest hot-drop. 

Loot is typically more plentiful and thereby there are numerous players. You should have plenty of kills by the time you depart the landing zone.

3. Pay less attention to looting

An over-looter is never successful in gaining more kills. Hence, refrain from excessive looting if you want to increase your kills in PUBG Mobile.

Simply take an automatic weapon and a helmet and charge at anyone engaged in looting especially in the first play circle. 

The majority of gamers are shot while looting, which happens almost all of the time. Decrease looting and increase assault.

4. Weapon Choice

It is advisable to choose high-damage weapons. The pistols and SMGs are usually suitable for short-range combat or emergency situations in PUBG Mobile. 

The ideal loadout should include one weapon for long-range combat like a sniper (M24, KAR98k) along with a medium-range combat gun such as DP-28 or AKM.  

5. Airdrops

Look for an airdrop close by if you can’t spot any enemies in PUBG Mobile. Considering that every gamer desires an AWM and level 3 armor, once an airdrop drops, go towards it.

The same airdrop could be bait if you position yourself tactically away from it and wait for someone else to loot it.

All these tactics double in efficiency when the same ideas are shared by all teammates in PUBG Mobile creating a cohesive team that’s comprehensive in its kill execution.  

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