Upthrust BGMI Diwali Battle 2023 LAN Finals Winners, Results & Rankings

Upthrust BGMI

On November 8, the BGMI Diwali Battle Finale, which was organized by Upthrust Esports, concluded. 

With a total prize money of ₹30 lakh, the two-day Finale was held at Bangalore’s Koramangala Indoor Stadium. In 14 matches, 16 Indian teams faced off against one another. 

The fact that the result was unclear until the very end made for an exciting and fascinating spectacle.

After competing steadily throughout the course of the two days, Entity Gaming emerged victorious in the Upthrust BGMI Diwali 2023. 

A total of 149 points were scored by the Saumraj-led squad, which also included 51 kills and 98 placement points. 

In their fourteen games, they were awarded three Chicken Dinners.

Entity Gaming and Blind Esports tied with identical total points of 149, and oddly, each team had the same amount of Chicken Dinners. 

Next, position points were used to decide the Diwali Battle winner. Blind Esports had accumulated 67 position points and 82 kills.

With their incredible performances during the tournament, Global Esports captivated the attention of everybody. 

Without a single Chicken Dinner, their freshly assembled group, captained by Mavi, took third place and outperformed several elite teams. 

In this BGMI competition, NinjaBoi received the Dominator prize.

Upthrust BGMI Diwali Battle Finale Overall Rankings

The overall rankings and points of the Upthrust BGMI Diwali Battle Finale are as follows:

  1. Entity Gaming – 149 points
  2. Blind Esports – 149 points
  3. Global Esports – 133 points
  4. Soul Esports – 132 points
  5. Orangutan – 128 points
  6. Gods Reign – 125 points
  7. OR Esports – 105 points
  8. GodLike Esports – 105 points
  9. Midwave Esports – 101 points
  10. 8Bit – 100 points
  11. Revenant Esports – 83 points
  12. Gujarat Tigers – 77 points
  13. Team Tamilas – 73 points
  14. Gladiator Esports – 71 points
  15. Psyche – 68 points
  16. Team XSpark – 61 points

Special awards

  1. Dominator – NinjaBoi (Global Esports)
  2. High Impact Player – Jonathan (GodLike Esports)
  3. Lifesaver of LAN – Justin (Gladiator Esports)
  4. MVP – Blaze (Gods Reign)
  5. Immortal Player – Admino (OR Esports)
  6. Selfless Player – Aquanox (Gods Reign)
  7. Fan Favourite Team – Team Soul

The tournament was undoubtedly a nail-biter until the very end and kept the fans at the edge of their seats with excitement.

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