Upthrust BGMI India Rising Series 2024 Winners: Team Soul

Upthrust BGMI

A series of outstanding performances helped Team Soul win the Upthrust BGMI India Rising Series 2024. In 18 games during the Grand Finals, the Manya-led team scored a total of 171 points. 

During their escapades, the team that the fans love achieved three Chicken Dinners and 116 kills. Interestingly, Rony and Manya of the squad scored 34 and 29 frags, respectively.

With 151 points, Orangutan Gaming secured the runner-up position with a valiant performance. The Ash-led group managed to finish on the podium even though they did not win a single Chicken Dinner. 

With 43 kills, squad member AKop was named the India Rising’s MVP. The squad’s Wizgod had a fantastic run as well, recording 26 eliminations.

Team Tamilas, who scored 129 points and three Chicken Dinners, came in third place, just behind them. With 28 kills, MrIGL led the squad in performance. 

The squad had a slow start to the Finals, but throughout the final two days, they put up incredible displays.

Upthrust BGMI India Rising Series 2024 

The Grand Finals’ total scoreboard is as follows:

  1. Team Soul – 171 points
  2. Orangutan Gaming – 151 points
  3. Team Tamilas – 129 points
  4. GodLike Esports – 128 points
  5. Hydra Esports – 119 points
  6. Team Forever – 112 points
  7. WSB Gaming – 110 points
  8. Team 8Bit – 103 points
  9. Gods Reign – 98 points
  10. Enigma Gaming – 84 points
  11. Marcos Gaming – 82 points
  12. Uprising Esports – 75 points
  13. Gujarat Tigers – 70 points
  14. R Esports – 66 points
  15. Team XSpark – 63 points
  16. Windgod – 47 points

GodLike Esports finished fourth with 77 eliminations and 128 points. In the Grand Finals, the Jelly-led BGMI team won two Chicken Dinners. Team Forever and Hydra Esports, with 119 and 112 points, respectively, took fifth and sixth place. 

With 110 points, WSB Gaming—who just won the Skyesports Championships Series—finished sixth.

Gods Reign and Team 8Bit both had mediocre runs, finishing in eighth and ninth place with 98 and 103 points, respectively.

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