VALORANT Pro SicK Arrested Once Again: Find Out Why

Valorant SicK

Hunter “SicK” Mims, a benched Sentinels VALORANT player, was arrested for the second time in three months after being accused of criminal trespassing.

SicK is a part of the Sentinels esports squad. He is renowned for his aggressive duelling style and great playing ability. 

His squad has won various events and competitions owing to his skill and expertise in the VALORANT esports arena.

On May 8, journalist George Geddes announced the celebrity’s arrest. He stated that SicK had been “arrested again… for criminal trespassing, the same charge as before.” 

SicK’s prior arrest & other concerns

The identical offence was brought against SicK a little more than two months ago. The VALORANT pro was charged with a Class B Misdemeanour on March 4, 2023, after failing to leave a Ferrari showroom after being told to do so.

Recent actions of the former VALORANT frontliner have drawn criticism, particularly in the last few weeks. 

In addition to many Twitch broadcasts where the former Sentinels player displayed unpredictable behaviour and slurred speech in April, SicK posted a number of tweets including what seem to be drugs and other paraphernalia.

SicK refuted the claims, stating that his speech is characteristic of him and that no addictive drug was being used.

 He also spoke about his ex-girlfriend and rumours of adultery. 

He denied the rumours by saying that he remained loyal throughout the course of their relationship. This is despite the fact that it was an open one.

Valorant pros display support 

This week, a number of SicK’s former colleagues urged the public to ignore his current behaviour on Twitter. 

They claim that his behaviour during the previous several months hasn’t been accurately reflected.

Even the day before SicK’s second arrest, Valorant Pro ShahZaM posted a request for his followers to disregard his comments and actions. “I promise this isn’t who he is,” he continued.

After his arrest in March of this year, SicK was suspended from the Sentinels VALORANT roster and has yet to resume competitive play.

SicK is now dealing with personal issues, and numerous other players, his family, and friends have spoken to him. 

Sick is still a talented and well-liked professional VALORANT player, and his supporters continue to back him despite the current incident and arrest.

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