Warzone Fortune’s Keep Golden Vault Easter Egg Guide


With the release of Call of Duty: Warzone’s Season 2 update, the well-liked Fortune’s Keep map is back. 

This map is full with hidden mysteries, one of which has been discovered by the community and is known as the Golden Vault Easter egg, in line with the Call of Duty custom of Easter eggs. 

Finding and opening this vault requires players to follow certain steps, which makes it a highly sought-after challenge.

Warzone Fortune’s Keep Golden vault

To find the Golden Vault in Call of Duty Warzone, you have to go under ground and take these steps:

  • Start a Resurgence match on the Fortune’s Keep map.
  • Once inside, view your Tac map and find the Keep POI in the far north.
  • Navigate to the northernmost chamber, the Throne room, by going to this location.
  • You will find the throne within, with lamps on either side.
  • To light both torches, make contact with them.
  • It’s then time for you to ascend to the throne and assume a sitting position.
  • When it’s finished, the center of the room will reveal a hidden stairway. To locate the Golden Vault, descend.

It is not sufficient to locate the vault since the key to solving the puzzle is inside. The following are the steps to open the Golden Vault:

  • When you go to the underground floor, gather Molotovs.
  • Now enter the chamber where the vault is located.
  • You must figure out the right pattern to ignite the room’s torches in order to open the vault.
  • Throw a Molotov at the vault door to expose the pattern.
  • When the fire is out, note a couple of the eight red-glow seals.
  • Every burning seal corresponds to a certain torch location that requires illumination.
  • Now turn on the necessary torches.
  • When everything is done properly, the vault door will open automatically.
  • A pop-up saying “Fortune Favors The Brave” will display as soon as you enter the vault chamber. Inside, you’ll discover a variety of goodies, including a couple weapons with gold skin.

Furthermore, there is a secret doorway within the vault that opens onto the Keep POI’s Library section.

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