Top 5 Blunders Made By BCCI That Led To The Suspension Of IPL 2021

BCCI suspended the tournament for an indefinite period after 4 players, 1 coach, and 2 non-playing members were tested Covid-19 positive
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The 14th edition of the Indian Premier League was finally postponed to the indefinite period after two more Indian players from the different IPL teams were tested positive for Corona Virus. BCCI and the IPL franchise had the same opinion of postponing the IPL 2021 season because of the current bad scenario of the COVID 19 threat.  

The postponement of this season of the cash-rich league tournament has amounted to a hefty loss for BCCI and the Star India, who have been the official broadcaster of this tournament. Now the BCCU is looking to hold the remaining 29 matches of this tournament in September after India’s England tour gets over.

After the suspension of the matches, the Board of Control for Cricket in India has accepted their inability to control the situation. Therefore, there was a rise of COVID 19 cases in just two days despite the players were under the bio bubble, which had alerted everyone to sort this issue.

The cricket players, support staff members, and the groundsmen were affected by the COVID 19 virus. Delhi was the worst affected area for COVID as eight members were tested positive. One member from the SRH camp, two members from the CSK team, and five groundsmen from the Delhi District cricket association were also affected by this deadly virus.

BCCI was made aware of the red flags even before they started the IPL 2021 season. But they chose to ignore it, which resulted in postponing the cash-rich league tournament until BCCI finds an appropriate date.

Today in this segment, we let our viewers and readers know about those five technical norms which BCCI didn’t choose to follow, and because of that, the whole IPL 2021 season was canceled. The BCCI is yet to host the remaining 29 matches of this season.

1. Tournament Not Shifted To UAE Like IPL 2020

They held the IPL 2020 season successfully despite the COVID 19 threat and pandemic. It was because they played the whole season of IPL 2020 at the United Arab Emirates. In the year 2021, too, IPL could have been shifted to Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi like last season. But the BCCI officials didn’t take that proposal as a safer option.

Despite being offered, the BCCI members ignored that offer, and hence it led to cancel half of the tournament. Now due to this cancellation, the World T20 tournament is also under threat. The ICC mega event was supposed to play in India from October 15th to November 10th, 2021. But Now the ICC members are planning to shift the T20 world cup to UAE.

2. Six Different Venues Despite Second Covid-19 Wave

They played the IPL 2021 season in six different cities of India despite the second COVID wave. The BCCI decided to host the 14th edition of the Indian Premier League without any live audience. It was a good decision to play this season behind closed doors. But one thing which made a bad impact was that the board allowed six different cities of India to host the tournament, although the second wave of COVID 19 is still growing rapidly.

Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, and Bangalore were the Indian cities that had hosted this caravan tournament of the 2021 season. Due to this, the players and the support staff members were exposed to the airport, where their bio bubble got compromised. BCCI should have planned to host the IPL matches in just three cities nearby, just like they did in IPL 2020 season. That could have limited the players’ travel, and they would not have been compromised on their bio bubble.

3. Technical Glitch Due To Which BCCI Failed In Tracking Players Movement

The Indian board, BCCI, had hired a safety and technology firm for the last IPL 2020 season. The firm was from the United States, which did a splendid job in UAE last year. But in the IPL 2021 season, BCCI managers hired an Indian Company of medicines that didn’t do a proper job. That was why the bio bubble breach was broken many times because the officials often breached the bubble. And the COVID entered that bubble which led to the postponement of this year’s season.

4. No coordination of hotels and BCCI

BCCI officials messed up their hotel booking for the players and the support staff who had participated in this tournament. The official and the franchise had no coordination, and the hotel which the players and other members stayed was a part of a commercial complex. The players and franchise stayed ten kilometers from the stadium, and so lack of communication was there between the players, support staff, franchises, and the BCCI officials.

5. BCCI’s Ignorance Costed Them IPL 2021

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The BCCI officials said that the bio bubble arranged by them is the safest place on the earth, until Sunday where the COVID 19 scare hit into the bubbles, and then BCCI opened their eyes and looked into the matter. Till then, it was too late for them to do something. BCCI ignored the situation first. Then they failed to understand the situation and act accordingly. The ignorance was bliss for the BCCI members, which led to the postponement of the IPL 2021 season after 29 matches were played.                   

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