Why UAE is a better option than the UK for BCCI to organize IPL 2021 remainder

IPL 2021 was suspended by BCCI after few players from different teams were tested COVID-19 positive.

IPL 2021 remainder is expected to take place in the ongoing year and BCCI is busy finding an appropriate venue for the same. It is almost confirmed that the cricketing extravaganza will not take place in India. Meanwhile, the board is left with only two options, i-e- UAE and UK. There are reports that BCCI is in discussion with ECB to prepone India vs England series so that they can organize the tournament starting from mid-September with the final to take place around October 15.

IPL 2021 was suspended by Board Control for Cricket in India after few players were tested COVID-19 positive. And, all the players left India for their country. In the statement, BCCI officials confirmed that the tournament was suspended for an indefinite period. Also, he gave assurance that the tournament will take place in the ongoing year. Since then the rumors are surrounding the IPL 2021 that the remainder will be played in UAE or UK.

Rumors started taking round that the remainder of IPL 2021 will take place in UAE

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IPL 2020 was successfully hosted in UAE by BCCI and it automatically became the first choice for the remainder of IPL 2021 as well. BCCI has only a September-October window left for IPL 2021 in the ongoing year. In that span of time, there is not much international cricket as everyone will be preparing for the T20 World Cup that is slated to begin from mid-October.

So with a good record of hosting multi-team event tournaments like PSL and IPL. So, BCCI might have no very few questions in their mind over hosting the remainder of the marquee event. With India having the rights to host T20 World Cup, they can carry on with the same in UAE itself.

Pros And Cons Of Organizing IPL 2021 in UAE

UAE has the experience of hosting multi-team tournamentsIt will be a tough task for BCCI to arrange travel for Team India, who will play be playing final Test against England between September 10 and September 14.
Very few numbers of COVID-19 cases. So players will play in a safe and COVID-19 free environment.ECB might not allow any England player to feature in the remainder of the Indian Premier League. This will be a major setback for the franchises and fans
If ICC picks UAE as the country to host World Cup then BCCI will not have to make new arrangements for the teams

Rumors started taking rounds that the remainder of the IPL 2021 will take place in the UK

UK emerged as one of the surprising venues for the IPL 2021 after reports emerged that BCCI has requested ECB to prepone five-match Test series to accommodate the tournament. This also looked like a valid option for BCCI as ECB would have no problem in allowing their players to play in the tournament in England itself. Meanwhile, the players would also have got the opportunity to play in front of the crowd as ECB has started bringing the crowd back to the ground.

But, the biggest question for BCCI was to answer that if ICC picked UAE for the T20 World Cup. In that scenario, BCCI will have to make arrangements for two different tournaments aligned one after the other at the highest level. And, it looks impossible in these COVID-19 conditions.

Pros and Cons Of Organizing IPL 2021 in the UK

Indian players will not have to travel a lot and avoid chances of contracting COVID-19.BCCI might have to make arrangements for IPL 2021 remainder and T20 World Cup in two different country
ECB would have easily allowed England players to play in the remainder of IPL 2021Indian players will have to play in overseas conditions that is very different from the one in the UAE ahead of the T20 World Cup.
IPL teams will get to play in the presence of the crowd

Currently, their are strong reports that the remainder of IPL 2021 will be held in UAE. But their is no official confirmation from the board over the same. The cricket fans are eagerly waiting for the tournament to start once again. But, it is mostly confirmed that IPL 2021 will be played in the month of September-October.

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