Mohammed Shami Again in Media for issued with an arrest warrant

Arrest warrant issued against Mohammed Shami

Indian fast bowler Mohammed Shami is currently facing an arrest warrant. He has a duration of 15 days to surrender, after which he can apply to get bailed out. Since last year in March 2018, Shami has been reportedly involved in a conflict with his wife Hasin Jahan, who has accused him of domestic violence, illegitimate affairs, and other charges. 

Shami, along with his brother, was registered under IPC Section 498A for violent behaviour. Following the allegations, Shami failed to turn up in court in front of the judges, which caused the AJCM to issue the order. This April, Jahan got arrested in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh, after a tumultuous argument in Shami’s house. She was bailed out later on.

Jahan has accused the Indian police of harassment, also shedding light on the fact that the police have not handled Shami’s case seriously at all. His cases keep getting prolonged to later dates and Jahan fears that being an international athlete might help him escape these punishments. Jahan also stated that the media has portrayed her wrongfully during this crisis by blowing the facts wildly out of proportion.

Arrest warrant issued against Mohammed Shami

Police have harassed me rather than him, says Hasin Jahan

India Today quoted Jahan as she addressed the audience, thanking everyone to turn up on the day for the charge sheet to be filed. She said that an arrest warrant was not issued and Shami has not applied for bail either.

Jahan went on to say that the hearing was over, and the judge kept it on reserve. YouTube channels might show that the cricketer was exonerated by Alipore court, however, Jahan’s cases are ongoing and are getting postponed. Jahan mentioned that the police has not arrested him, although she has filed cases over and over again.

The police have caused her trouble instead of punishing Shami, confirming the fact that he can get away with anything due to his cricketing popularity and influence. Jahan pointed out that some media sections were just exploiting news against her to support their cause.

Shami told the same reporters this year that he would face all the necessary consequences and that cricket is his entire life. He clarified that no allegations could obscure his career; he remains unfazed in the middle of all the charges stacked up against him. The Bengal bowler is now playing the Test match series in West Indies.

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