Shikhar Dhawan’s Ex-Wife Ayesha Mukherjee Net Worth 2021: Income, Endorsements, Affairs, Family

She is popular for her knowledge of cooking Healthy and Delicious dishes of Indian origin.

Who Is Ayesha Mukherjee (Shikhar Dhawan’s Ex-Wife)?

On 27 August 1975, Ayesha Mukherjee, Shikhar Dhawan’s Ex-Wife was born into an Indian middle-class family in Bengal, India. The mother was reportedly a British associate nursing graduate, and the father was an Indian Bengali native. Upon falling in love with her parents, they moved to Australia. The decision to move Ayesha to Australia was made when she was just eight years old.

Ayesha Dhawan’s Past

As a child, Ayesha was abused physically. She was gravely affected as a child by the horrific memories of that incident. Ayesha, however, decided not to let her past troubles dictate how she lived her life. Instead, she promised herself that she would become strong enough to protect herself and be a woman who could be proud of herself.

Her ambitions were fueled by the promise of becoming an equal to the opposite gender in sports, a field with equal opportunities for women and men alike. Childhood was filled with many sports for Ayesha to try, but in the end, it was boxing that she fell in love with. Boxing was her first passion from childhood and led her to several titles in the ring despite her psychic winning belief.

Ayesha’s Dhawan’s Teenage Life

As significant an influence as her mother was on Ayesha, she was also very opposite of what she is today. Although Ayesha’s mother wanted her to wear feminine makeup and other such things, she developed a boyish personality and a passion for tattoos as she grew up. Her mother, too, eventually accepted those boyish fields and began supporting her because of her interest in them. Her academics were also excellent. While Ayesha lived a childhood full of adversities and dark incidents, she also enjoyed a life of positivity.

Ayesha Mukherjee and first marriage

Initially, Ayesha married a businessman from Australia in 1998-99. Her partner and Ayesha did initially have some issues because she is Bengali, but that soon got resolved. A daughter, whom they named Aliyah, was born to the couple in the year 2000.

She was born in Melbourne, Australia, in a suburb named Narre Warren. She loved the new responsibilities her daughter gave her and lived a dream life with her. Since Aliyah was a little girl, Ayesha made her a fighter and gave her strength all through her life.

Following that, in 2005, there was another gift from God for the couple. Ayesha’s second daughter Rhea was born at the same place in 2005, giving her even more reasons to enjoy her married life. Similarly, Rhea, along with Aliyah, was pampered by her mother. When Ayesha and Leo started talking, she ensured that their first topics of conversation were tattoos and dreams.

Despite this, the couple was about to experience one of the most dramatic lows of their journey. In 2012, the couple unsuccessfully tried to recover from the low and ended up divorcing each other. Neither of them would divulge further information about the reason they gave when asked. The daughters, Aliyah and Rhea, decided to reside with their father following the divorce. Their father remains in frequent contact with both of them, but they currently live with their mother, altering the earlier plans.

The Arrival Of Shikhar Dhawan

Shikhar Dhawan arrived at the international scene with his cricket and lived a brand new life, learning about new people every day. During his surfing of Facebook, Shikhar Dhawan came across Ayesha’s photos. Because Ayesha loved sports, it transpired that she was good friends with Harbhajan Singh, the ace Indian spinner and good friend to Shikar. 

Shikhar then told Harbhajan Singh about his feelings for Ayesha, and he helped them get in touch. Shikhar Dhawan sent a friend request to Ayesha. Shikhar Dhawan, who accepted Ayesha’s friend request, immediately went on to say hi to her the moment she accepted it. As time went on, the two chatted and became good friends. Shikhar had beforehand been informed of Ayesha’s marital status by Harbhajan, but the Bengali beauty still smote him. Shikhar was older than Ayesha by ten years, but that didn’t stop him from loving her.

They were attracted to each other because of their similar choices. Their mutual love for sports and tattoos was akin to finding the missing half of their soul. After talking about what they do for days, they realized how similar they each do it. They then began to meet regularly, and their feelings started to grow. Ayesha’s marriage was already suffering from such secret meetings. Shikhar fit the bill perfectly for her as she needed some support.

Ayesha’s (Shikhar Dhawan’s Ex-Wife) business, Networth, personal details etc.

  • She is a Businesswoman
  • She is a former kickboxer
  • She runs and maintains a YouTube channel. This channel is called ‘ Authentic Parenting with Ayesha’ .
  • Subscribers to this channel have over 6.83 K people.
  • She runs other social media handles too.
  • Ayesha belongs to the Kulim – Brahmin caste.
  • Ayesha has participated in many tournaments and has proven her domination in it
  • She is regarded as an Internet celebrity.
  • She is worth 75 Crores on her own.
  • Her lifestyle is what one would call it ‘ Lavish’
  • Extremely fit, she stands tall at 5ft 8 in and weighs 60 kgs only.

Ayesha Mukherjee and Shikhar Dhawan Wedding

Shikhar was bound to have trouble convincing his parents to consent to his marriage to a woman ten years older than he was. But it was in 2012 when Shikhar felt it was time to tie the knot with Ayesha. Furthermore, he believed that he needed some time to get along with Aliyah and Rhea. 

Ayesha was now proud of him, as he had become one of India’s most loved players. In October 2012, the couple became husband and wife in a Punjabi wedding. Even though Ayesha is a Bengali, they had their wedding per all the Sikh rituals. 

There were not many celebrities invited to this low-key affair. In addition to the reception party, many celebrities attended to wish the newlyweds a happy life together. Indian cricketers like Virat Kohli and many other big-name players were also involved. Having achieved three centuries in as many games following his marriage, Shikhar Dhawan enjoyed the best phase of his career.

Shikhar believes Ayesha scolds him for getting out cheaply and not scoring many runs, the fact that Ayesha says helped shape his career significantly. As Shikhar Dhawan helped India get another strong start with the bat during the delivery of their son, the couple welcomed a baby boy, Zoravar. She keeps visiting Shikhar now and then and stays in Melbourne with Aliyah, Rhea, and Zoravar.

Despite living in Australia for eight years, Ayesha Dhawan can speak Bengali fluently. There is an exceptional bond of love between Ayesha and Shikhar. Shikhar is scolded by Ayesha every time he gets a low score, and she hates underperformance. Her body shape has also played a crucial role in Shikhar Dhawan’s success. 

Children: (first marriage)Aliyah Dhawan Elder DaughterRhea Dhawan (Younger Daughter)
One child (Father is Dhawan)Zoravar Dhawan

Ayesha never lets her love of the sport die and keeps hitting the ring religiously after workout issues, of course. Tattoos still hold a special place in her heart. The mother and daughter, who is 18 years old, got tattooed together.

The mother of three children takes care of the kids alone and still finds time to work out, practice, and sometimes fly to India. She takes care of the kids alone and still finds time to work out, exercise, and sometimes fly to India.

Details on Ayesha (Shikhar Dhawan’s Ex-Wife):

NameAyesha Mukherjee
Date Of Birth27 August 1975
Age45 years
Height5 ft 8 in
Weight60 kg
ProfessionFormer Kickboxer
Net worthINR 75 crore
Birth PlaceWest Bengal, India
EducationNot Known
SiblingsNot Known
SpouseShikhar Dhawan
Married on30 October 2012
ChildrenZoravar (with Shikhar Dhawan), Rhea, Aliyah (with her previous husband)

Ayesha’s Social Media Appearence:

Social Media PlatformsFollowersProfile Link
Instagram 9623 followersClick Here
Facebook 4,080 followersClick Here
Twitter172 Followers Click Here

Unknown Facts about Ayesha

  • She is popular for her knowledge in cooking Healthy and Delicious dishes of Indian origin.
  • She carries tattoos on both arms. It is ‘ OM ‘ on one hand and the names of both daughters’ on the other. Her back also carries a tattoo.
  • She loves her dad very much
  • She celebrates all Hindu festivals and Christmas too!
  • She has two Instagram accounts.

Synopsis on Shikhar Dhawan

  • He is worth $13 million (Rs. 96 crores).
  • Cricket is seen as a religion in India, and fans are enthralled by it and its players. Mr. Shikhar Dhawan, a cricketer of the Indian team, is such a star.
  • India has achieved many significant victories recently, thanks to Shikhar Dhawan.
  • As a cricketer, he is remembered and referred to as “The Great One.”
  • A former cricketer for the Indian team, he is an opening batsman.

Shikhar Dhawan Batting Stats

Shikhar Dhawan: back to back hundreds

Shikhar Dhawan: Year on Year Progress

200418Ranji Trophy Debut for Delhi
200822IPL Debut: Delhi Daredevils
200923IPL Debut: Mumbai Indians
201024ODI Debut
201125IPL Debut: Deccan Chargers
201125T20I Debut
201327Test Debut
201327IPL Debut: Sunrisers Hyderabad
201933IPL Debut: Delhi Capitals

Shikhar Dhawan’s Achievements

Shikhar Dhawan
  • Indian player with the most runs in the ICC World Cup 2015
  • The fastest Test century by a debutant, 187 off 174
  • The only player to win two consecutive golden bats at the ICC Champions Trophy
  • The most number of centuries scored by an Indian cricketer in an ODI in 2013
  • As of the 100th ODI, he has scored 4309 runs in ODIs. First Indian and second overall to achieve this feat.
  • The first Indian batsman in a test match to score a century before lunch on the first day
  • Indian cricketer to score 1000, 2000, and 3000 ODI runs quickly
  • Most runs scored in ICC Champions Trophy 2013 and 2017
  • ICC tournament batsman to reach 1000 runs fastest
  • In T20 cricket, the most runs by a batsman in one calendar year (2018)

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