Toni Kroos Net Worth 2022: Income, Endorsements, Cars, Wages, Property, Affairs, Family

Toni Kroos Net Worth

Toni Kroos’ current net worth as of 2022 is around 42 Million dollars and in the year 2020, he was the richest footballer in the world. He plays as an attacking midfielder in Real Madrid and is easily one of the best players in his position.

He was one of the key factors for Real Madrid winning the champions league 3 times consecutively from the year 2016 to 2018 respectively. He is an important player for the German national team and was one of the main factors for Germany winning the world cup in 2014, Brazil.

NameToni Kroos
Current ClubReal Madrid
Net Worth42 Million Dollars
Salary12 Million Dollars
EndorsementsAdidas, Hugo Boss, Nivia
Marital StatusMarried to Jessica Kroos

Toni Kroos Net Worth

The German midfield maestro’s current net worth stands around 42 million dollars and is sure to increase, depending upon his performance for Real Madrid in La Liga, as well as the UEFA Champions League competition. He gets paid 200000 Euros weekly and his monthly salary easily goes up to 1 million dollars, including his bonuses. His yearly income for Real Madrid is around 12 million dollars, which makes him the 7th highest-paid player in La Liga.

Since making his debut as a professional footballer, he has only played for 3 clubs(Bayern Leverkusen on loan, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid), and his net worth increased every year because of his evolution as one of the best midfielders in the world today. Here is the tabular representation of Tony Kroos’ salary for three clubs he has played in:-

ClubWeekly salaryYearly salarySalary Earned from EndorsementsYear
Bayern Munich120000 Euros7.5 million EurosN/A2007-2014
Bayern Leverkusen75000 EurosN/A2.1 million Euros20019-2010
Real Madrid220000 Dollars12.5 million Dollars4 million Dollars2020

Toni Kroos Endorsements

The German Superstar has been endorsing the German Sportswear brand, Adidas, for a very long time and also endorses luxury perfume brands like Hugo Boss and Nivia. He earns around 3-4 million Euros from all his endorsement deals. He regularly promotes his sponsors on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter respectively. Tony Kroos is in the final phase of his football career but has won the most important trophies, Professional football has to offer at the highest level. Here is a tabular representation of his Endorsements and the amount he earns from them.

Adidas3 million Euros
Hugo Boss1.3 million Euros
Nivia1.2 million Euros

Toni Kroos Career

Kroos showed signs of his skills and ability on the ball at a very young age in his professional career as a footballer. Because of his playmaking prowess, he became a member of the German Youth team and was named the best player in the 2006 UEFA European Under -17 championship. He has also won the golden ball in the 2007 FIFA U-17 world cup.

He made his debut for Bayern’s senior team in 2007, where the German super club routed Energie Cottbus by a scoreline of 5-0. He played a major role in that game and assisted in 2 goals within just 18 minutes of his substitution on the field. He also went on a loan transfer to Bayern Leverkusen for 18 months and improved his skillset there. After his short loan stint with Bayern Leverkusen, he came back to Bayern Munich and started for the team regularly.

He made his debut at the international stage for the German National Team in the year 2010. He helped the German team reached the semi-final of the FIFA world cup, 2010 by playing as an excellent playmaker to support the forwards, Miroslav Klose and Thomas Mueller. He was also the part of the German national side that reached the semi-finals of UEFA EURO, 2016, but were unfortunately knocked out by Italy, courtesy to two sublime strikes by Mario Antoine Griezmann.

His glory with the German national team arrived in 2014, where he was the pivotal factor for Germany’s victory in the final against Leo Messi’s Argentina, thus winning the coveted FIFA world cup. He was awarded the best assist provider of the tournament and was one of the stand-out performers for the German national team in the 2014 FIFA world cup held in Brazil.

At the club level, he played and performed really well during these years and earned his reputation as one of the best midfielders in the world today. He was one of the major factors, along with Luka Modric and Cristiano Ronaldo to win the prestigious UEFA Champions League competition 3 times in 3 consecutive seasons(2015/16 season, 2016/2017 season, and 2017/2018 season) respectively. He has won La liga with Real Madrid(2 times) and has won a total of 9 trophies for the Spanish Giants.

Here is a tabular representation of Toni’s all-time career stats for both his club sides and the German national team:-

SeasonTeamApps (Subs)Goals (P)Assists
Euro Cup 2020Germany4 (0)0 (0)0
LaLiga 20/21Real Madrid28 (4)3 (0)10
UEFA Champions League 20/21Real Madrid12 (1)0 (0)2
Copa del Rey 20/21Real Madrid1 (1)0 (0)0
Super Cup 2021Real Madrid1 (0)0 (0)0
UEFA Nations League 20/21Germany5 (0)0 (0)0
UEFA Champions League 19/20Real Madrid6 (0)1 (0)1
LaLiga 19/20Real Madrid35 (4)4 (0)5
Copa del Rey 19/20Real Madrid2 (0)0 (0)0
Super Cup 2020Real Madrid2 (0)1 (0)0
European Championship 2021, QualificationGermany5 (0)3 (1)0
Audi Cup 2019Real Madrid2 (0)0 (0)0
Int. Champions Cup 2019Real Madrid3 (0)0 (0)0
LaLiga 18/19Real Madrid28 (2)0 (0)4
UEFA Champions League 18/19Real Madrid8 (1)1 (0)1
Copa del Rey 18/19Real Madrid4 (1)0 (0)0
FIFA Club World Cup 2018Real Madrid2 (0)0 (0)0
UEFA Nations League 18/19Germany4 (0)1 (1)1
UEFA Super Cup 2018Real Madrid1 (0)0 (0)0
Int. Champions Cup 2018Real Madrid3 (1)0 (0)0
World Cup 2018Germany3 (0)1 (0)0
UEFA Champions League 17/18Real Madrid12 (2)0 (0)1
LaLiga 17/18Real Madrid27 (1)5 (0)7
FIFA Club World Cup 2017Real Madrid1 (0)0 (0)0
World Cup 2018, Qualification, UEFAGermany7 (0)1 (0)0
Super Cup 2017Real Madrid2 (0)0 (0)0
UEFA Super Cup 2017Real Madrid1 (0)0 (0)0
MLS All-Star Game 2017Real Madrid1 (0)0 (0)0
Int. Champions Cup 2017Real Madrid1 (0)0 (0)0
UEFA Champions League 16/17Real Madrid12 (1)1 (0)1
LaLiga 16/17Real Madrid29 (1)3 (0)11
Copa del Rey 16/17Real Madrid5 (0)0 (0)0
FIFA Club World Cup 2016Real Madrid2 (0)0 (0)2
European Championship 2016Germany6 (0)0 (0)1
UEFA Champions League 15/16Real Madrid12 (1)0 (0)1
Primera Division 15/16Real Madrid32 (0)1 (0)9
European Championship QF 2016Germany9 (0)1 (0)0
Audi Cup 2015Real Madrid2 (0)0 (0)0
Int. Champions Cup 2015Real Madrid0 (0)0 (0)0
Primera Division 14/15Real Madrid36 (0)2 (0)7
Champions League 14/15Real Madrid12 (1)0 (0)3
Copa del Rey 14/15Real Madrid2 (0)0 (0)0
FIFA Club World Cup 2014Real Madrid2 (0)0 (0)1
Super Cup 2014Real Madrid2 (0)0 (0)0
UEFA Super Cup 2014Real Madrid1 (0)0 (0)0
World Cup 2014Germany7 (0)2 (0)3
DFB Pokal 13/14B. Munich6 (0)1 (0)2
Bundesliga 13/14B. Munich29 (5)2 (0)4
Champions League 13/14B. Munich12 (1)1 (0)1
FIFA Club World Cup 2013B. Munich2 (0)0 (0)0
World Cup Qualification 2014, Europe (UEFA)Germany7 (1)3 (0)0
UEFA Super Cup 2013B. Munich1 (0)0 (0)0
Audi Cup 2013B. Munich2 (0)0 (0)0
Super Cup 2013B. Munich1 (0)0 (0)0
Telekom Cup 2013B. Munich0 (0)1 (0)0
Champions League 12/13B. Munich9 (1)3 (0)0
Bundesliga 12/13B. Munich24 (1)6 (0)6
DFB Pokal 12/13B. Munich3 (0)0 (0)0
Super Cup 2012B. Munich1 (0)0 (0)0
LIGA total! Cup 2012B. Munich0 (0)1 (0)0
European Championship 2012Germany4 (3)0 (0)0
Champions League 11/12B. Munich12 (0)2 (0)4
DFB Pokal 11/12B. Munich6 (0)1 (0)1
Bundesliga 11/12B. Munich31 (4)4 (0)8
Euro Cup 2012, QualificationGermany8 (2)0 (0)0
Audi Cup 2011B. Munich2 (1)1 (0)0
Bundesliga 10/11B. Munich27 (8)1 (0)4
Champions League 10/11B. Munich7 (1)0 (0)0
DFB Pokal 10/11B. Munich3 (1)1 (0)1
World Cup 2010Germany4 (4)0 (0)0
Bundesliga 09/10Leverkusen33 (7)9 (0)9
DFB Pokal 09/10Leverkusen2 (0)0 (0)0
DFB Pokal 08/09Leverkusen3 (2)0 (0)0
Bundesliga 08/09Leverkusen10 (4)1 (0)1
Bundesliga 08/09B. Munich7 (5)0 (0)0
Champions League 08/09B. Munich1 (1)0 (0)0
3. Liga 08/09B. Munich II0 (0)1 (0)0
U21 Euro 2009 QualificationGermany1 (0)1 (0)0
DFB Pokal 08/09B. Munich1 (0)1 (0)0
Bundesliga 07/08B. Munich12 (9)0 (0)0
UEFA Cup 07/08B. Munich5 (3)1 (0)0
Regionalliga South 07/08B. Munich II0 (0)3 (1)0
DFB Pokal 07/08B. Munich2 (1)0 (0)0

Kroos’s Girlfriend

Toni Kroos has not only been scoring high in his professional career as a footballer but has scored high also in his personal life by marrying his long-time girlfriend, Jessica Kroos, who is a true German beauty. They started their relationship when they were in their teens and tied the knot on June 13th, 2015 in a lavish wedding ceremony attended by famous German celebrities.

Despite being married to one of the famous footballers in the world, Jessica lies to keep a low profile and avoids the spotlight, unlike many girlfriends of professional footballers. She is of German nationality, and her current age is 33 years old. She has also established her herself as a successful businesswoman and owns a various clothing line and fashion accessories, because of which her net worth is around 1 million Dollars.

Kroos’s Lifestyle and Luxurious things he owned

Kroos is really famous all around the world with a net worth of 42 Million dollars. Because of such high wages, he is the 7th richest player in the Spanish league and one of the richest footballers in the world. He owns a luxurious villa in Spain, which is worth around 1.1 million dollars.

He is a massive petrolhead and owns a wide variety of luxury supercars in his garage. Here is a tabular representation of luxury items owned by Toni Kroos:-

Luxury itemsCost
Ferrari Portofino(car)200,000 $
Audi A7(car)70,000 $
IWC Schaffhausen watch23,500 $
Ferrari 458 Spider257,000$
Audi Q755,800$
Audi SQ553,900$
Mini Cooper S32,900$

Kroos’s Social Media Status

Toni Kroos is really active in Social media and shares videos of his training, matches with Real Madrid, and also promotes his sponsorship endorsements. He also shares photos and videos of his family and children on Instagram to show how much he loves and cares for his family. Because of his world-famous stardom, Toni Kroos has amassed a total of 28.9 million followers on Instagram,25 million followers on Facebook, and 9.2 million followers on Twitter respectively 

Social Media PlatformFollowers
Instagram28.9 million followers
Facebook25,404,934 million followers
Twitter 9.2 million followers

Some facts about Kroos’s personal life

Kroos is a typical German who is an introvert and hides away from the limelight. He is proud of his country and would like to play for the German club in the future at the tail end of his professional career. He is an extremely disciplined and passionate footballer and doesn’t indulge himself at inexpensive parties. He is a team player and doesn’t play for self-glory.

According to him, no player is above the team, so he must be committed and should help the team win the games. He also does not like expressive and elaborate celebrations and asserts that the player shouldn’t lose concentration in the game. He is a family man and likes to spend most of his time with his family outside of football.

Kroos’s Individual achievements

Kroos is known for his vision, passing, creativity, crossing, and set-piece ability on the ball and is fairly regarded as one of the best midfielders in the world today. He was instrumental in Real Madrid’s 3 peat victory in the UEFA Champions League, because of which he has been selected in the FIFPro World11 and UEFA Team Of The year, three times, and league’s team of the season, twice. He was voted the IFFHS World’s best playmaker in 2014 and German Footballer of the year in 2018.

At the nascent stages of his career as a professional footballer, he has won a lot of individual awards. He was awarded as the Golden Player at the 2006 UEFA European Under – 17 championship, where he finished as the top goal scorer, and won the golden ball at the 2007 FIFA U -17 World cup. At the 2014 FIFA world cup held in Brazil, he was the top assist provider of the competition and was nominated for the German footballer of the year.  At UEFA EURO 2016, he was included in the Team Of the tournament because of his outstanding contribution to the German national team in reaching the semi-finals.

Here is a tabular representation of Kroos’s individual trophies won along with years.

YearTrophies won
2006Golden Player Award(UEFA EURO U-17 world cup)
2007Golden Ball Award(FIFA U-17 Worldcup)
2014IFFHS World’s best playmaker in 2014
2016FIFPro World11 UEFA Team Of The year
2017FIFPro World11 UEFA Team Of The year
2018German Footballer of the year UEFA Team Of The year FIFPro World11
2018-19PFA Team of the year

Trophies won by Toni Kroos

The German midfield maestro is a world-class attacking midfielder and is one of the best players in the world in his position. He has achieved a lot of trophies, titles in his footballing career with Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, and the German national team respectively. He has won the Bundesliga Meisterschale championship shield three times with Bayern Munich (07/08, 12/13, 13/14), three German cups (07/08, 12/13, 13/14 ), which shows how he, along with Bayern Munich completely dominated the German league, Bundesliga.

After his successful FIFA world cup campaign with the German national team, he moved to Real Madrid, the best football club in the world. He has won a total of nine trophies for the Spanish side, including 2 La Liga trophies and a historic 3 peat- where Real Madrid won the UEFA Champions League for three consecutive seasons. He has also won a couple of Spanish super cups and UEFA super cups too, which embellished his footballing career into a whole new level. 

Here is a tabular representation of all the titles Kroos has won for his club and country:

Bayern Munich FC(07/08)German champion(Bundesliga) German cup
Bayern Munich FC(12/13)German champion(Bundesliga) German super cup UEFA Champions league trophy German cup FIFA club world cup
Bayern Munich FC(13/14)German cup UEFA Super cup German champion(Bundesliga)  
Real Madrid(14/15)UEFA Super cup FIFA Club World cup  
Real Madrid(15/16)UEFA Champions League trophy FIFA Club World cup
Real Madrid(16/17)UEFA Champions League trophy UEFA Super cup Spanish champion(La Liga) FIFA Club World cup
Real Madrid(17/18)UEFA Champions League trophy UEFA Super cup FIFA Club World cup Spanish Super cup
Real Madrid(19/20) Real Madrid(19/20)  Spanish champion(La Liga) Spanish Super cup
German national teamFIFA World Cup, 2014

Kroos’s controversies

  • Kroos was involved in an online verbal spat up with Arsenal’s Pierre Aubemayang , where he criticized the Gabon forward for donning a black panther mask , during celebration. He thinks that a professional footballer must be serious about the game all the time and shouldn’t waste his energy on nonsensical choreographed celebration.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kroos

1. What religion does Toni Kroos follows?

Ans- He is a devout Christian like the rest of the Germans.

2. What is Toni Kroos’s favorite food?

Ans-Italian and fast food

3. What is Toni Kroos’s nickname?

Ans-He is called an Iceman because of his calm, cool, and collected nature while playing football.

4. Who is Toni Kroos’s role model in Football?

Ans-Toni Kroos’s role model in football is the German legend, Gerd Mueller.

5. Which team Toni Kroos supported when he was young?

Ans-He is a staunch Bavarian and supported Bayern Munich when he was young.

6. How many Brothers does Toni Kroos have and what are their names?

Ans-He has one brother whose name is Felix Kroos, who plays as an attacking midfielder for  Eintracht Braunschweig, a German football club