Dynamo Gaming PUBG, Gaming Career, Age, Real Name, Net Worth & more

Dynamo Gaming PUBG, Gaming Career, Real Name, Net Worth & more

Who is Dynamo Gaming?

The full name of Dynamo Gaming, who is famously known as Dynamo is Aaddi Sawant. Aaddi is a Mumbaikar and was brought up here. He is 22 years of age, and the number of subscribers on his YouTube channel is 7 million. Aaddi joined YouTube on July 21, 2010. He currently lives in Lokhandwala Complex in Andheri West in Mumbai. His channel, Dynamo, is among the most popular gaming channels in India. It is owing to the fact that his channel has got more sponsors and subscribers more than any other gamer in the country. Aaddi Sawant loves to stream PUBG Mobile on his YouTube channel for a few years almost on a daily basis. He also has the privilege of playing alongside reputed PUBG streamers such as Soul Mortal, CarryMinati and Kroten Gaming.

Who is Dynamo Gaming ?

Dynamo Gaming – Early Life and beginning

Aditya Deepak Sawant is known as Aaddi Sawant, and Dynamo Gaming online is an Indian YouTube gaming creator. His channel happens to be the most subscribed YouTube platform in India. Worldwide, his channel stands at the top in the online streaming niche. Aditya belongs to a Marathi family in Mumbai. He had his first stint with success after playing alongside some small console gamers in a café 2.5 Km away from his school. He, along with his friends, would go to the countryside for exploration and shopping on weekends during early classes. It is where he got the inspiration to become a gamer.

Aaddi Sawant kicked off his career by gaming PUBG Mobile. Later on, he played PUBG PC using Tencent Gaming Buddy, the official emulator. He has also advertised for brands like Tencent and OnePlus. Aaddi Sawant is India’s top PUBG professional player as well. ‘Dynamic Army’ is what he calls his fan base. Earlier, he used to play games on a second-hand laptop taken from a friend. But he has surged much higher now in the gaming arena of India. Dynamo Gaming now has his own professional gaming PC setup. He also loves to co-stream with gamers like Gareeboo and others on YouTube.


Dynamo Gaming YouTube

Dynamo Gaming is enjoying a smooth, professional life. With more than 7 million subscribers, he attracts around 25,000+ subscribers on a daily basis. He is also able to garner around 2.5-3.5 million views daily. He is now generating different income sources, and they are not only limited to YouTube Ads. Aaddi is also making money from Superchats, AdSense, PayTM/GPay donations and via memberships.

Dynamo Gaming Net Worth

As per the reports of the Socialblade website, Dynamo is able to generate $10.5K – $168K via Ads on his Live streams and videos in a month. As per the reports of Captain India, the earning of Dynamo is speculated to be around Rs.2230 in a Live stream session of 1 hour. You can check his worth, earning and stats by clicking here.

Net Worth

Dynamo Gaming Social

Aaddi Sawant aka Dynamo has a pretty humongous fan following on social media.  Dynamo Gaming Instagram account has over 1.5 Million followers, his twitter account has around 48.2K followers & his Youtube account has 7 Million Subscribers. Dynamo Gaming discord has 265,431 members

The past life of Dynamo

Dynamo also plays games such as BF1, BF3, BF4, Dota2, GTA V, and Apex but the videos of such games are not yet published on his YouTube channel. He started streaming the PUBG PC Live but was not able to get many subscribers. What’s more, the performance of his channel was not good with PUBG Mobile. Later, he changed his plan and came up with subscriber games that lifted his channel. Later his channel blew up after he started streaming PUBG mobile.

Dynamo Gaming favorite dialogues

  • Patt Se Headshot
  • His Rani is Kar98
  • Baap Se Pange Nahi Lete Bete

Emotional PUBG Fan Moments for Dynamo

Once in a Live stream, a Dynamo fan cried and said: ‘Hello bhai big fan, Kabhi socha nahi tha aapke saamne khada hounga. At this point, Sawant said, ‘Arey Ro Mat Bhai I Love You Bhai. At this the fan said ‘Main ro nahi raha hun’ It is the kind of love and affection that Dynamo gets from his supporters.

Dynamo Gaming Pubg

Dynamo Gaming Pubg professional life

The YouTube channel of Dynamo Gaming crossed 5 million subscribers mark on 15 September 2019. Now, he gets more than 26,000 subscribers to his channel daily. The Headshot of Dynamo is more dangerous and popular than any other PUBG player. His fans love this and his ‘Patt Se Headshot’ dialogues, a part of his snipping. He broke the record with more than 113200+ in the gaming community Live viewership area.

Dynamo InPUBG Mobile Start Challenge

PUBG Mobile was the most popular game in 2009. The Developers of this game have taken it to the next level by introducing PUBG Mobile Star Challenge (PMSC). It is priced at around $2,50,000. Dynamo Gaming has been in the numero uno position in the final voting with total 4.29,140 votes. Recently, Aaddi was called to Taipei for shooting a YouTube web series, alongside other 15 other famous PUBG mobile content creators from across the globe.

Dynamo Gaming’s Charity Stream

A few months before, Aaddi Sawant donated Rs.1,01,000. It was a part of this charity stream for Indian soldiers who laid their lives for the Nation in a terrorist attack through BharatKeVeer, a Government website under the Home Ministry.       


What is dynamo gaming pubg id?

Dynamo Gaming Pubg ID is Hydra Dynamo ID = 591948701. You can add him using this ID in order to play with him. But he has to approve your request in order to start playing.

What is Dynamo gaming real name?

Dynamo Gaming real name is Aditya Deepak Sawant .