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Escape Prison in BitLife- All you need to know

BitLife was first created for iOS as a text-based video simulator. The game uses a text-based style in order to attempt and produce a quite accurate simulator while also being playable. The purpose of the game is to have a digital life with cartoons and amusing events, without struggles and difficulties.

On September 29, 2018, the app was published for iOS users. It has been updated to improve the game since its release. The Android BitLife version was released on 5 February 2019 after the iOS existed some months earlier. Later on, this game reached one of the most downloaded games on PlayStore as well as on AppStore.

There is a little game that requires players to escape from all BitLife prisons. Those that have played BitLife need to know how difficult it is to flee into prison and that is why many gamers lately questioned the escape from the BitLife jail.

In an electronic device, Bitlife has everything to offer to the actual world. You don’t accomplish anything in the game from being a renowned YouTuber to buying a ranch for yourself. The game also features jails if you opted to go the wrong route and wildly commit crimes. Regular safety prisons in Bitlife include minimum through medium safety and maximum security prisons.

Prisons in BitLife

The original (and still finest, in our opinion) is a jail-breaking game in which you must play a puzzle game in order to leave prison. MetLife’s mini-games contain several. From time to time it was simply a chance to get out of prison and there was little likelihood of getting out of prison.

But now that a minigame is out of jail, you have a chance to decide your own destiny. You, the jail map, the prison guard, are out to take you.  

Prison Maps

The map depends on whether you are in a minimum, medium, or maximum prison. Minimum and medium-sized jails have maps that can be passed pretty easily. The maximum-security jails range with many, many larger maps and twists and turn between difficult and almost impossible to escape. So if you arrive at a particular prison-planning map and can’t locate this post, see whether any video of the prison you are stuck on is reversed, rotated, or mirrored.

Your objective is to outsmart the prison guard so that you are able to escape and then go on without having to cast it away.

How can you go to BitLife prison?

First, let’s discuss how to go to jail before we discuss how to get out of prison. You just have to commit a crime to go to BitLife jail similar to real life. You will be dismissed from your current workplace and put to prison if you commit a crime. Of course, as a prisoner, there are certain jobs you can do, but they do not pay a reasonable wage.

Although you are a famous person or a star of social media, you can go to jail immediately, but you can escape and get it going. That’s what we will discuss in this post.

Requirements to Escaping BitLife Prison

You need ribbons in order to escape prison in BitLife. There are several ribbons that demand you to get out of jail. Cunning, Deadly, Houdini, Scandalous, and Jailbird are the ribbons that need escaping from prison.

You know how to go to prison, to prison, to run away; here’s a list of each presidential chart in the game, and a complete guide with videos of how to escape from each of these jails.

How to Escape from BitLife Jail? 

There’s no way to deny that you can’t leave BitLife security prison, but there are some tips and tactics that you can use to get out of jail in time. Before trying to leave BitLife prison, let me tell you the guard is moving twice.

It’s only horizontally that this guard’s weak point. So if he performs the same, the cop against walls in the prison must be blocked. Whether police officers surround you, you can easily move left or right because he is first going to move horizontally.

If thereafter there’s a wall above him, he’ll catch you because he’s only moving horizontally. Not just that, but it’s the easiest method to get out of BitLife prison. Besides this method, we also have a cheat sheet and a movie describing it as simply as possible for each map layout.

Minimum and Medium Security 

There are two types of prisons, Minimum and Medium security and other is Maximum security. As the name suggests, you’ll go to Minimum and Medium security when you’ll attempt a lesser crime for example stealing.

However, if you commit a serious crime like murder then you will be taken to jail with Maximum security. First, take a look at how we can escape prison with Minimum and Medium Security.

3×4 Map

This is the three to four little prison map. This map is the map. This is the simplest of the jail maps, so if this is the first one, all you have to do is to get the guard in a position to pick him up.

5×7 Map

This is one of the walls of the maps. The guard’s three main corners are separated from the main roadways and there is a little corner.

So your objective is to work around the ward and walls and to maneuver prudently so that the guard does not capture you before the guard pursues you. It’s nearly as easy as it sounds

5×6 Map

In contrast to the first map, just four walls are included in this one. Such a guard has a lot more room to manoeuvre, but that makes it so that you have plenty of room to move.

5×5 Map

The guard is full of barriers with a straight angle and looks at first impossible because all the guard has to do is not move, but every moment he gets you. Yes, you can’t want out of this level simply by relying on the guard to keep your current position.

However, because it’s so easy, this level is considerably easier to beat than one may imagine deceiving the guard into doing anything you want.

7×4 Map

The latter displays a penitentiary with two U-shaped walls and nothing else. This makes escaping a little easier as you have plenty of areas with which to work. This level combines two things well: Just like the previous one, you have plenty of work to escape with, but you can pick up the guard much easier because you have a couple of extra walls, unlike some of the easy stages.

6×5 Map

The wall is L-shaped and the wall is just two, so there is plenty of room to work on, but not as much as the last one. However, to trick the guard is more than easy.

6×6 Map

There is plenty of room with the 6 x 6 prison map. But there’s a tonne of walls in here too, so the guard has plenty of room to catch you. Essentially, you must make the guard steep behind one of the several walls on this level. Get them hooked and play any side level you can think of next.

5×4 Map

The map of 5 to 4 is nearly as easy as the one of 3 to 4 in the article before. You have just to move straight out so that you can pull the guard behind the lone wall that prevents his way to the exit.

3×5 Map

This 3-to-5 map is both lovely and straightforward. Literally, the entire map contains simply one wall. This may at first make it tougher than maps with additional walls. But the remedy is straightforward. Trick the guard to maroon himself behind a wall, as the video shows, and he’s going to lose a step and all you need is one step.

4×4 Map

In this map While the guard appears to have the benefit, the horizontal element is taken advantage of and the guard is easy to trap in the enclosure with the three walls. Just get them stuck and you may simply escape out of jail and be free.

Maximum Security 

Now take a look at how we can get out of prison using Maximum Rank Security.

8×8 Map

Is the very first 8-eight jail map to which an exit has been found, as follows. As can be seen, this one is still quite difficult to beat, although it appears to be a little easier than that one. The goal remains the same: corner the guard. When possible, take advantage of the guard’s ability to move horizontally first.

8×8 number two Map

Another of the 8×8 forms from maximum security institutions is shown here. You’ll have to mentally map out the route you wish to follow if you’re in a high-security prison. Work backward by determining where the border guard could be trapped in order to safely depart.

8×8 number three Map

This is one of the more difficult 8×8 jail maps to complete. In comparison to the two games before it, this one appears to have a lot of running around to accomplish. To succeed and get the guard off your back, you must constantly look for new corners to trap him behind.

8×8 map number four

This exit is in a totally different position from the previous maps. It’s not the corners of the wall in the center. You have a lot more area for wriggle work.

You have to ride a lot from outside to make it out of the prison plan.

8×8 Map Number Five

The key here is to work backward, like with many previous jail maps. Think of where the guard needs to get trapped to escape and then think about the last trap.

8×7 Map

This is one of the hardest maps, yet the smallest of the maximum safety maps. The first two traps are quite evident with this one. Not so much the next one. You have to take the precise steps to get the guard behind the far wall and merely keep one square ahead of the guard.

And there you have it, the ultimate guide for prison escape in BitLife. Also, there are many other ways to trick a guard in order to flee out of prison than shown above. The ultimate agenda is to anyhow trick the guard and all is set for you. It’s basically a Thief and Police game which we used to play when we were children. All you have to do is not to get caught by the Police, That’s it. otherwise, you can’t get out of jail that easily.

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