Fortnite Spring Breakout Event Guide, Rewards, All You Need To Know


Spring Breakout is a yearly event in Fortnite and it has now officially returned. It provides a variety of items, including Egg Launchers and entertaining island decor.

It also offers a fresh set of challenges that will keep players occupied and provide a range of rewards. After completing these tasks, you may receive a decorative item or an XP boost.

Challenges in Fortnite’s Spring Breakout include both rewards and experience points. This event in Fortnite runs until April 11.

Fortnite Spring Breakout Guide

Anyone with a Fortnite account can take part in this event. Challenges for Spring Breakout will then be accessible for everyone to try in the Challenges page. This also applies to users who did not buy the battle pass.

The new collection of quests is not restricted to any particular section. Everyone will be able to use them to gain XP and rewards. Some of the tasks, though, won’t be accessible right away during the event.


There are a total of six cosmetic rewards offered during the Fortnite Spring Breakout event. These are:

  • Bloomback Sack back bling
  • Shell Splash spray
  • The Works loading screen
  • Banner Icon
  • Nannerbloom Hammer pickaxe
  • Fresh Flyer Glider

All of these come with their own set of challenges. You can accomplish the following challenges during the Spring Breakout event in Fortnite:

  • Visit three Cherry Blossom tree displays
  • Collect a Golden Egg
  • Hire a Specialist NPC
  • Collect an egg within five seconds of it being laid
  • Deal 50 damage to players with a Specialist NPC
  • Swim in the hot springs at Steamy Springs
  • Deal 100 damage to players while under the effects of a Hope Egg
  • Give a hired Specialist Character a command
  • Place four Chicken Crossing signs at Frenzy Fields or Kenjutsu Crossing
  • Talk to Cluck
  • Deal 1000 damage to structures with the Egg Launcher
  • Consume two Heal Eggs and a piece of meat in a single match
  • Jump 50 times in a single match

The Spring Breakout event and completing these challenges is an opportune method of gaining a large amount of XP. The rewards are also ones that are not to miss. Therefore, Fortnite players can make use of this time wisely.

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