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How to Make a Bed in Terraria?


Terraria and Minecraft 2D are two similar games with all the mining and crafting activities as common to both. But Terraria offers a whole new level of monster killing and snatch loot in its randomly generated dark worlds beneath the surface. Every dungeon in Terraria depending on its salt-worth offers help to heroes in crafting, with its village full of people.

You can make your campaign better with Shelter, NPC friends, and workstations that are readily available.

Launched way back in 2011, Re-logic has been rolling out constant patch updates for Terraria. Plenty of Monsters available to kill with magical weapons and crafted tools that are updated from time to time.

The more you get indulged inside the Terraria biomes the more it astonishes you with its complexities. It’s always filled with new discoveries as you make your way past various dungeons.

Dubbed as one of the best-value games in terms of pure playability and amount of various content available, Terraria’s latest 1.4 updates as Journey’s End has all the things to be excited about

Beds in Terraria

Beds are interactive furniture items in Terraria that help the player to set a new Spawn Point. Apart from your spawn, you might be needing a good-earned sleep after your quests in Terraria.

Interacting with the head of the bed lets you enter the bed and sleep which makes the time pass faster x5 times and gives a boost to your health regeneration. Like chairs and sofas, beds fulfill the purposes of housing.

Item Type:Furniture
Max Stack:99
Sell Value4
Crafting Requirements:5-Silk,15-Wood, Loom, Sawmill

Types of Beds in Terraria

Currently, with the update, there are 35 varieties of craftable beds and 5 non-craftable that can be acquired in the environment.

Ingredients Required  Result
Nebula Brick (15) Silk (5)  Nebula Bed
Solar Brick (15) Silk (5)  Solar Bed
Stardust Brick (15) Silk (5)  Stardust Bed
Vortex Brick (15) Silk (5)  Vortex Bed
Bone (15) Silk (5)  Bone Bed
Lesion Block (15)Silk (5)  Lesion Bed
Flesh Block (15)Silk (5)  Flesh Bed
Glass (15) Silk (5)  Glass Bed
Honey Block (15) Silk (5)  Honey Bed
Ice Block (15) Silk (5)  Frozen Bed
Lihzahrd Brick (15) Silk (5)  Lihzahrd Bed
Wood (15) Silk (5)  Living Wood Bed
Bamboo (15) Silk (5)  Bamboo Bed
Wood (15) Silk (5)  Bed
Boreal Wood (15) Silk (5)  Boreal Wood Bed
Cactus (15) Silk (5)  Cactus Bed
Crystal Block (40) Silk (5)  Crystal Bed
Dynasty Wood (15) Silk (5)  Dynasty Bed
Ebonwood (15)   Silk (5)  Ebonwood Bed
Smooth Granite Block (15) Silk (5)  Granite Bed
Smooth Marble Block (15) Silk (5)  Marble Bed
Martian Conduit Plating (15) Silk (5)  Martian Bed
Meteorite Brick (15) Silk (5)  Meteorite Bed
Glowing Mushroom (15) Silk (5)  Mushroom Bed
Palm Wood (15) Silk (5)  Palm Wood Bed
Pearlwood (15) Silk (5)  Pearlwood Bed
Pumpkin (15) Silk (5)  Pumpkin Bed
Rich Mahogany (15) Silk (5)  Rich Mahogany Bed
Smooth Sandstone (15) Silk (5)  Sandstone Bed
Shadewood (15) Silk (5)  Shadewood Bed
Spider Nest Block (15) Silk (5)  Spider Bed
Spooky Wood (15) Silk (5)  Spooky Bed
Sunplate Block (15) Silk (5)  Skyware Bed
Slime Block (15) Silk (5)  Slime Bed
Cog (15) Silk (5)  Steampunk Bed
Cactus (15) Silk (5)  Cactus Bed
Crispy Honey Block (15) Silk (5)  Honey Bed
Pumpkin (15) Silk (5)  Pumpkin Bed
Spooky Wood (15) Silk (5)  Spooky Bed

Apart from these, there are 5 Non-Craftable beds that are either found in the dungeons or nearby environments:

  • Blue Dungeon Bed
  • Green Dungeon Bed
  • Pink Dungeon Bed
  • Obsidian Bed
  • Golden Bed

Making a Bed in Terraria

Before you get your hands on making a basic bed you’ll be requiring a few pre-requisite materials to start crafting, which includes:

  • 5 Silk(35 Cobwebs in total)
  • 15 Wood
  • Loom (for crafting the silk if required)
  • Sawmill (for crafting the bed)

First of all finding wood is easy which is scattered all over the place. Make a workbench using 10 Wood. Press the “ESC” key and Go to your crafting menu. Now click n the icon for “Work Bench” to create it.

Next create a Furnace by clicking on the Work Bench by combining 20 Stones, 3 Torch, and 5 Wood.

Smelt 15 Iron Ore in the furnace to get 5 Iron Bars

Craft the Anvil using 5 iron bars in the Workbench.

Another task is finding Silk which is a bit harder to come by as compared to an easy supply of wood. Silk can be crafted at a Loom after finding cobwebs. You will be requiring 35 Cobwebs in total as each Silk is made up of 7 Cobwebs.

To find an abundant supply of Cobwebs you can visit a Spider Cave where they regrow which can be found anywhere underground in Terraria or in spider biomes.

Most Spider Caves are located in the Cavern Layer of Terraria but if you’re unable to find one you could use the Dangersense Portion to locate them as the cobwebs start to sparkle. Collect them using a pickaxe or sword, swinging away at them

You will require a Loom for crafting cobwebs into silk. Looms can be either crafted using 12 Wood or found in hidden underground cabins.

The last thing that you would require to craft a Bed is a Sawmill, which is probably the hardest to get. A Sawmill requires 10 Wood, 2 lead or iron bars, and a single chain to craft.

Now with 15 Wood and 5 Silk, you can craft a Bed, standing next to a Sawmill.

Tips And Tricks for Beds in Terraria

  • To place a Bed properly and allow you to spawn at a particular location you’ll need to place the bed in a room that is at least 7 blocks wide x 5 blocks high and will not work if you have walls placed behind your rooms.
  • If a bed is destroyed your spawn point will get reset to the default location on the biome.
  • You can SET or REMOVE your spawn point by clicking over the “BED” icon placed near the foot of your bed.
  • For enabling your character sleep tap on the triple “zzZ”. After Right click will let your character in the bed and their eyes will close slowly. You can choose betwwen DAY or NIGHT respectively. You will receive a prompt “SPAWN POINT SET!”
  • Drinking a Recall Potion or using a Magic mirror will respawn you to your set Spawn Point location.
  • Remember a Wall is a requisite to be placed by the player rather occuring there naturally.
  • When your player is asleep the background clouds will move faster and time speeds up x5 times unless Blood Moon, Solar Eclipse, Golblin Army, etc is in progress.

Terraria: Journey’s End is available on PC, mobile, and console.

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