Best Minecraft Bedrock Seeds for 2021

Minecraft Bedrock Seeds

Previously known as Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE), the new version of Minecraft Bedrock is appealing to players on all cross-platforms.

There are many versions of Minecraft be it the Java Edition or the different cross-platform versions available on Xbox, Windows 10, iOS, Android, or Nintendo, there is a probability that you’re running Bedrock on it.

To give you a perspective on Minecraft seeds, they are numeric codes that generate the setting of the world enabling you to play in a wide variety of places ranging from dense jungles to gloomy dungeons.

Some players choose to go with the randomly generated world settings while some want to play with their friends in the same seed. Depending upon the environment and setting there are a variety of seeds you can jump into depending on your mood.

Here is the freshly curated list of Minecraft Bedrock seeds categorized upon biomes you’d like to dive into:

Aquatic Type Seeds
Submerged Temple-5181140359215069925
Center of the World 2111844826
Survival Island-2108063506
Extreme Hills Island-171182221
Fantasy Village Type Seeds
Two Forest Villages-850418298
Village roof Spawn2034376196
Desert Zombie Village-2125155448
Giant Portal Village-567784840
Triple Blacksmith Village-590916043
Fantasy Island Type Seeds
Mountain above the Clouds-969535336
Massive Mushroom Island-743547513
Large Starting Island-298567655
Jungle / Forest Type Seeds
Lush Caves-905752474
Seaside Savanna1541555765
Picturesque Mesa-2076244187
Mountain range46623432
Bamboo Jungle-2141551899
Desert Type Seeds
Savannah, Canyon, Badlands495603
Pillager Outpost-872552281

#1 Submerged Temple

If you’re bored of the same old forest and desert temples this aquatic seed lets you into an underwater fantasy experience. Guarded by the defenders of the temple you face to complete the whole submerged virtual tour of the temple.

Ocean Temple 1: x:130, z:-400
Ocean Temple 2: x:-200, z:-250

Recommended: Potions of Water Breathing
                          Potions of Night Vision

Seed: -5181140359215069925

#2 Center of the World

If you are looking for the best of all every flora fauna mixed in a single seed drop into the center of the world. Here you will find six different types of biomes that include Jungle, Mesa Mushrooms, Ice Spikes, and many more. This seed is just perfect for you if you don’t know what to do. It just feels like a custom map.

Coordinates: Spawn: 3055, 71, 27
Snow Village: 3059, 68, -317
Mineshaft Village: 3161, 69, -641

Seed: 2111844826

#3 Survival Island

Survival Type seeds never go out of style. But this might become your new favorite with shallow rivers and vast beaches. Beware of the zombie spawns, prepare your weapon crest to fight unwanted enemies that might appear out of nowhere on this isolated island.

Seed: -2108063506

#4 Extreme Hills Island

If you’re looking for an extreme hill island spawn seed with some awesome things to grab on your spawn which include wood, chickens, stone or sugarcane, this is the seed to jump into. You can create a base on this island with the right kind of things you find on this island.

Seed: -171182221

#5 Two Forest Villages

If you’re planning to build straight away after spawn this seed provides you with two moderate-sized villages filled with trees and stones readily available in abundance. Any danger is quickly visible on this seed.

Seed: -85041

#6 Village Roof Spawn

Considered as one of the best places to start your Minecraft career as a newbie. Here you can search for Diamonds, amethyst, and other builder resources to start your base and spotting faraway mobs.

On reaching the village hut top you can spawn to all the remote places.
Seed: 2034376196

#7 Desert Zombie Village

If you like the feel of an abandoned village, you will spawn just near a desert zombie village with this seed. Filled with unlimited hidden treasures to find during your quest in this deserted village, the mystery is itself quite fascinating.


#8 Giant Portal Village

If you’re in need of a Nether Portal, you will come across one in this seed. This scenic village is a maze of resources, just be careful of any enemies appearing suddenly.


#9 Triple Blacksmith Village

This is the best seed if you need some weapon forging. Many other seeds allow you crafting whereas this seed is a new top on the list for forging your axes and swords.

Seed: –

#10 Mountain above the Clouds

As the name suggests this seed is as high as it could be giving you the feel of climbing your own custom mountain. You could see the Savannah biomes from the top view covered with cloud blocks.

Seed: -969535336

#11 Massive Mushroom Island

Being one of the rarest biomes in Minecraft this seed lets you drop into the mushroom fantasy world if you’re tired of playing the forest or ocean biomes.

Players will spawn near the shoreline of a gigantic mushroom field island where they can explore this mushroom world

Seed: -743547513

#12 Large Starting Island

A large canvas where you could start your journey from the beginning. Stock up wood in case you need resources for your journey on this island. Packed up with aquatic creatures here you can find rare fishes you can breed.

Seed: -298567655

#13 Lush Caves

If you ever wish for a Tomb Raider kind of adventure then this seed is for you to drop into. Just indulge deep into the perfect green vegetation  with vines and trees but beware of the unwanted enemies lurking in the depths of these caves

Seed: -905752474

#14 Seaside Savanna

As the name suggests you could either build your castle in this savanna biome or you could set sail from here for your further quests.

This landscape is rivers cutting through terraced hills lending you a picturesque view from a high point on the savanna.

Seed: 1541555765

#15 Picturesque Mesa

For the love of Mesa biomes with lovely views as far as the eyes go.

Just try spawning in this location and see how things go for you in this gigantic biome that stretches with plenty of trees and grass.

Seed: -2076244187

#16 Mountain range

For your love of the mountains, this seed spawns you surrounding with elevated mountain ranges giving you a fair view of all the grasslands and forests that lie beneath.

Updated mobs in this seed include bees in the forest and goats in the mountains.

Seed: 46623432

#17 Bamboo Jungle

This seed spawns you in one of the rare biomes of bamboo in the Bedrock edition. Explore the bamboo jungle and see what adventure lies in the depths of that jungle.

Seed: -2141551899

#18 Pillager Outpost

A desert Monument, A desert Village, and a Desert Pyramid.

This could be a new experience for you If one day you just crave a different experience in your Minecraft bedrock career.

Just be aware that the desert will be guarded by a coastal Pillager Outpost as you spawn in this seed.

Seed: -872552281

#19 Savannah, Canyon, Badlands

Three different biomes adventure fused in one seed.

Massive Canyons, Sand dunes, and Birch forest, you’ll never get bored in the quest for crafting materials in this seed.

Seed: 495603

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