Stardew Valley Crops Guide – Best Crops for Each Season Ranked

Grain is one among the best-known. The cozy, sweet cobs are a favorite in the summer and fall. It's a vegetable crop that grows in 14 days and can be sold for 110g and seeds are valued at 75g.
Stardew Valley Best Crops

Stardew Valley is one of the most popular games developed by Eric Brone. This game was released in early 2016. Initially, this game was released for Windows only, but due to its popularity, it was made available for macOS, Linux, PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox One, ios, and Android. It has a rating of 4.7 on PlayStore and 4.8 on AppStore. This game has built a player base of over 10 Million after its latest update in December 2020.

Stardew Valley is a farming simulation game, much like Minecraft. This game allows users to make a character that inherits a plot of land and a tiny house in Pelican Town, which was originally held by their grandfather.

Players can choose from a variety of farms, each with its own theme and set of advantages and disadvantages. Since it’s a farming game, people can grow many crops depending on the season or weather and their profit. There are many weather types in this game like Spring, Summer, Fall, etc. 

Stardew Valley Season Guide

In Stardew Valley there are four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. It lasts 28 days every season. The game starts on Spring’s first day. After completing the 1st season cycle, the game continues again for one year at the beginning of Spring.

Years are linked to a few events but the number of years to be played is not limited. A villager’s daily routine depends on the weather. The two celebration days in the spring, summer, and autumn have five in winter. The Pelican Town community assembles for special events at festivals. You can purchase special products, play games, get awards and obtain information.

Some regions, like indoor and underground areas, the Desert, and Ginger Island, remain untouched during the seasons. Only during their seasons are most plants, foraging goods, and fish available. We’ll discover mainly the Fall season and their best crops to grow later in this article.

Stardew Valley: Fall Season 

Fall is kind of ahead of winter and much of the season you’ll spend preparing for the tougher days ahead. When you arrive in Fall in your early year, the fundamentals from Stardew Valley should have a decent hold and the fall does not throw insane curveballs in comparison with spring and summer.

Likewise to the summertime, the majority of its crops in the fall have somewhat longer growing times. You may grow pumpkins, corn, fruit trees, bok choy, yams, cranberries, sunflowers, fairy roses, amaranth, and grapes during fall. Take a detailed look below.

Stardew Valley: List of Crops for Fall Season

Fall season is by far the most profitable during the entire Stardew Valley season because it has a great variety of plants and many of them are multi-crops. These crops are always ranked in profit and give enough income to players for buying seeds.

Fall CropsGrowth TimeSelling Price 
Cranberries7 Days75g ( for 2 )
Sweet Gem Berries24 Days3000g
Pumpkin13 Days20g
Grapes10 Days80g
Artichoke8 Days160g
Amaranth7 Days150g
Beet6 Days100g
Eggplant5 Days60g
Yam10 Days10g
Corn14 Days110g
Bok Choy 4 Days180g
Fairy Rose 12 Days680g

Crops to Grow in Fall season, Ranked and Explained

Whether you’re seeking strategies to maximize your profits throughout the fall or rookie farmers are looking for essentials, Stardew Valley offers plenty of crops for all sorts of gamers.

1. Sweet Gem Berries 

Sweet Gem Berries are the most profitable crops for the Fall weather. This amazing plant develops out of the rare 1,000g seed yet can be sold in the amount of 3,000g. It takes 24 days to cultivate these seeds, almost an entire month.

2. Pumpkin 

Naturally the pumpkin is one of the most common crops to produce in the fall season. It takes a long time to grow, but when fully cultivated they are worth 320g. There is just 100g of Pumpkin seed, and 220g is a profit.

3. Artichoke

Only a few times during the season may artichoke be harvested. Artichokes are a quicker investment in farmers with 160g and three harvests. Their seed came up with a price of  30g with a growth time of 8 days. 

4. Cranberries 

Another plant that grows itself is cranberries. Each plant gives players two carnivores as a bonus to take the Effort to cultivate carnivores. With a seed price of 240g and a selling price is 75g for 2 berries.

5. Grapes

These are not a very favorite crop for every player. Their seeds are expensive with low-profit margins. With a seed price of 60g and a Selling price of 80g, it takes 10 days to grow. However, if you want to regrow it can be done within 3 days.

Eggplant is one of the fall plants which may be harvested again after a few days when planted and fully grown. Seed price: 20g, Selling Price: 80g, and growth time is 5 days.

6. Beet

With a seed price of 20g, a selling price of 100g, and 6 days of growth time. It’s another valuable plant that players can grow in the Fall season for profit.

7. Yam

Yams are a fantastic replacement for spring potatoes. It’s 160g Worth, with a seed price of 60g, and growth time is not more than 10 days.

8. Amaranth 

Amaranths, similar to beets, are capable of growing only a few times each month but they are worth a good deal. Seed price: 70g, selling price: 150g and takes 7 days to grow.

10. Fairy Rose

The Fairy Rose is a flower that can be grown from Fairy Seeds in 12 days, with a base price of 680g. Their seeds are valued at 200g from the general store.

11. Bok Choy 

Bok Choy is a vegetable crop, these are leafy, green, and pretty famous. It takes 4 days to fully grow bok choy plants. They can be sold at a price of 180g. Their seeds can be purchased in general stores at a rate of 50g.

12. Corn

This grain is one among the best-known. The cozy, sweet cobs are a favorite in the summer and fall. It’s a vegetable crop that grows in 14 days and can be sold for 110g and seeds are valued at 75g.

There you have it! Those are the best and most profitable crops for the Stardew Valley Fall season. You can grow those plants according to your will and gain a certain amount of profit.  

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