Top 10 Captains with the Highest Average in ODI Cricket

Top 10 Captains with the Highest Average in ODI Cricket

3. MS Dhoni (India) – 53.55

Indian cricket side appeared lucky when Dhoni took over the captaincy from Dravid. He formulated some doctrines that serve as a manual for the present Indian cricket captain and all those who will come next. Certainly, he reinvented the Indian cricket by qualifying better bowlers, improving the field performance and the batting quality. And most of his decisions were good enough to bring a return on investment. Further, Dhoni scored 6,641 runs from 196 One Day matches that he captained at an average of 53.55 with 6 centuries on the stand.

But his standard average as a batsman is 3 runs lower than what he did as a captain. While his 10,000 runs are certainly good enough to catch him a healthy amount of fans. Under his captaincy, India won the World Cup after 28 years in 2011 and just a couple of years later he brought the Champions Trophy home. The way he patronized his team was really much like a professional approach that resulted in ever increasing victories with an effort made in every match to convert the result into favor.

Top 10 Captain with the Highest Average in ODI Cricket
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