Cricket is a game of class & it holds a lot of heritage. It has been played for a long time ago, so it is obvious that this sport has a lot of history it. This is why we are here, KhelTalk brings you this Cricket History in a very fun and interesting way.

Not only history, but KhelTalk also brings urban legends and modern-day cricket records to you. Cause the game of cricket is evolving exponentially with time. Every day a new record is made. So to keep you up to date with that we are here

What will “For the Record” provide?

Here you’ll find such amusing facts, that’ll shock you, thrill you, and amaze you at the same time.

In KhelTalk’s “For the Record” you’ll find –

  • Interesting Cricket Facts
  • Cricket Records
  • Comparisons between Cricket legends
  • Cricket History Facts
  • Top Records Countdown

So to sum it all up, you should follow KhelTalk’s “For the Record”, if you want to learn about new cricket facts & Cricketing Records every day. The world of cricket changes everyday, everyday new Records are made. The world of cricket is filled with amusing Cricket Facts. Check us out, you might learn something about cricket every day! 🙂

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