BGMI 2.8 Expected Release Date & Details

BGMI 2.8

Ever since the release of the PUBG Mobile 2.8 update, BGMI fans have been waiting eagerly for the release of the BGMI 2.8 update.

At present, the game is on its 2.7 version. BGMI usually receives its updates slightly later than its global counterpart, PUBG Mobile.

It’s anticipated that the BGMI 2.8 update will be available in October. This is based on the dates when prior BGMI updates were released, as well as the fact that the BGMI Cycle 4 Season 12 and the current A1 Royale Pass are both set to finish on October 2 and 23, respectively.

The BGMI 2.8 update is anticipated to be delivered in the second week of October, similar to prior releases, but Krafton has not yet formally confirmed this. 

Android devices will probably get the update first, then iOS smartphones.

BGMI 2.8 Update

Leaks of the BGMI 2.8 update, which is brimming with new features and content, are appearing all over the internet.

The update will include a new season of Royale Pass and Zombie Mode in Battlegrounds Mobile India. The BGMI 2.8 update’s primary emphasis will be the A2 Royale Pass. 

Players may gain brand-new skins, emotes, and other perks from it. A new, temporary mode called “Zombie Edge” will transport players to a frightening city filled with zombies. 

A melee weapon that may be used to subdue opponents, the new battle knife will be introduced. In addition, the update will feature a number of speed and bug fixes.

You may update your game to the most recent version once the BGMI 2.8 update is available. 

To do so, you simply need to visit your respective virtual marketplace depending on the phone you are using.

If you already have BGMI installed on youe phone, you can simply click on ‘Update’ after it is released. 

After downloading the requisite additional resources, you will be able to enjoy the new features.

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