BGMI Guide: How To Win Mid-Range Fights


In BGMI, the range of your fights largely dictates what weapons you use and what strategy you must employ.

Each BGMI player usually has their strengths, ranging from close-range to mid-range to long-range battles.

If you are wondering how to ace every mid-range fight in Battlegrounds Mobile India, follow the tips given below.

1. Choose a weapon suited for mid-range

Your performance in mid-range combat in BGMI may be significantly influenced by the weapons you choose to utilize. 

These battles are usually fought between 50 and 150 metres apart, requiring the use of flexible weapons that strike a balance between precision, damage output, and mobility. Therefore it is essential to pick the right mid-range weapons.

Assault Rifles, or ARs, can often be your best bet in mid-range fights in Battlegrounds Mobile India. 

Weapons with a good balance of fire rate, accuracy, and damage include the M416, AUG, and SCAR-L. 

Your weapon may perform even better if you add accessories like compensators, vertical or angled grips, and larger magazines.

Alternatively, you can also use a DMR or sniper rifle if you are good with aim and accuracy on BGMI.

Using an SMG may not be wise unless you have good control over your recoil over longer distances.

2. Take cover

Prioritise BGMI positions that include natural cover, such rocks, trees, or structures. Taking a high position may also provide you a great view of your surroundings and help you see potential enemies before they notice you.

Ensure that you never stand out in the open in BGMI, making you susceptible to enemy snipers. Use peek-and-fire from behind your cover when you decide to shoot at your enemy.

3. Flanking 

In BGMI mid-range battles, coordinating with your squad to set up crossfire scenarios may overwhelm opponents. 

Your teammates may prepare to strike from one location while you engage in combat from another.

Thus, with adequate planning and strategizing, you will be able to greatly improve your success in mid-range fights in BGMI.

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