PUBG Mobile 2.8 Update: Improved Damage For Crossbow

PUBG Mobile 2.8

The developers of PUBG Mobile have been releasing tiny snippets as sneak peeks of the upcoming PUBG Mobile 2.8 update.

Fans of PUBG Mobile are at the edge of their seats, waiting for this update. The features can be tested in the beta version of the 2.8 update.

The developers took to their social media accounts to announce the improvements that will be brought in the update.

Changes to crossbow in PUBG Mobile

Crossbow in PUBG Mobile

One of these is the changes made to the crossbow in PUBG Mobile. Earlier, even though the crossbow had a high level of damage, it was not a preferred choice.

This was because the margin of error was very low. A missed shot, even slightly, would put you at a disadvantage.

To counter this issue, the developers are planning to improve the damage of the crossbow. According to this change, if the crossbow lands near your enemy but not on him, it will still deal some damage.

The amount of damage will lessen as the distance from the enemy grows. 

This will definitely be a welcome change, especially for crossbow lovers. 

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