BGMI: Top 5 Guns To Play In Nusa Map


BGMI has fast-paced, thrilling gameplay in addition to several intriguing features such as maps, characters, and weaponry. 

The most recent addition to the maps section is Nusa. Nusa, which is just 1×1 in size, provides BGMI players with bouts that are faster-paced and usually last eight minutes. 

To raise the excitement in the game, Krafton also included the Super Recall function to the Nusa map, which lets players be recalled with any random weapon. 

Here are the best five guns that give players a good mix of control, firepower, and adaptability given the special qualities of the map which has shorter rounds and fast-paced clashes. 

With the help of these weapons, players may quickly adjust to the lively gameplay and take part in thrilling combats on the Nusa battlefield in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

1. AKM

The assault rifle’s damage per hit and firing rate is respectable. Three or four shots will take out an opponent in a one-on-one match with ease. 

In addition, you may employ scopes and switch to single-tap shoot mode to improve visibility during mid-range and long-range battles in BGMI.

2. M416

The M416 assault rifle is a multipurpose weapon that is well-known for its precision, stability, and adaptability. 

It performs well in close-quarters, medium-range combat thanks to its rapid firing rate and controllable recoil. 

Its efficacy is further increased with attachments like grips, sights, and longer magazines, which let you fight enemies on the Nusa battlefield with more efficiency in BGMI.

3. M249

With exceptional bullet penetration and a rapid rate of fire that fires 5.56 ammunition, the M249 is a machine gun to go for in the Nusa map. 

Because of its huge magazine capacity, it may be used in both offensive and defensive playstyles. 

It also provides long-term suppressive fire. However, because of its sluggish reload time, you should always locate a good cover when reloading in BGMI.

4. UMP45

The UMP45 is another useful weapon in BGMI’s Nusa. The weapon is a rather potent SMG that excels in one-on-one engagements. 

It has an incredible rate of fire and great accuracy. It fires.45 ACP rounds, which are widely distributed across BGMI’s battlefield. 

The weapon excels in close quarters, where it’s precise and it is easy to dispatch opponents. 

When it comes to attachments, you may utilize a suppressor to improve overall stealth and laser sight to lessen bullet dispersion at close range.

5. DBS

In BGMI, the DBS is among the most lethal weapons when used in close-quarters combat. 

The gun is an extremely potent weapon that belongs in the shotgun class. It may be equipped to swiftly eliminate opposing squads during combat on Nusa. 

With 14 rounds per cartridge, the shotgun offers a substantial advantage in ammunition capacity. 

An entire opposing team can be destroyed with one 14-shell round. It is useful in close-quarters battles on the map because of its broad bullet spread and good hit points.

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