BGMI Veiled Princess And Windcrest Soul Sets Released: Check Details


BGMI often adds new themes, crates, items, and features to make it more entertaining and engaging. 

The game now offers a new set of premium crate rewards that come with a selection of fun items for players. 

Additionally, the BGMI 2.8 update with new themes and products will probably be revealed in a few days. As a result, the game has revealed two new sets if you want to update your gameplay aesthetic. 

BGMI Veiled Princess Set & Windcrest Soul Set

The new Veiled Princess set was announced by Battlegrounds Mobile India in a post uploaded on their official Instagram account. 

By cracking open the premium crate, users may get access to the set. A new head veil, an AKM skin, and another new costume for the male character are among the other new and unique things included in the new premium crate’s Princess set. 

The Windcrest Soul set is the name given to the other new set. It includes a face mask. Players may update their gaming attire with this crate by adding a recently released outfit and a matching weapon skin.

How to obtain the sets

By using in-game cash (UCs), players may use the premium crate to acquire the veiled Princess Set, Windcrest Soul set, and other things. 

Players will have to spend 60UCs on the premium crate to have a shot at the new sets. 

Players will get the opportunity to open the premium crate 10 times with 540UC, however. As it depends entirely on chance, only a select few fortunate gamers will be able to get the new sets. 

Keep in mind that the products will only be offered for a short time, so get them now before they are eliminated.

Additionally, use BGMI redeem coupons to get free rewards. All you have to do to redeem the in-game reward is head to the official BGMI website, input your BGMI character ID, and paste the redemption code.

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